94 525i Owners Manual

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I have a 1995 E34 540i. 'Brake LT Circuit' - 'See Owner's Manual' This warning message appeared on my dash.

I asked my BMW mechanic to check it out. He told me the K3 Brake Circuit Relay needed to be replaced. He replaced the relay for which our Dealer charged me $32. The warning message stayed off for about a month and then returned. I got another relay from the dealer at no charge.


Order BMW 525i Repair Manual - Technical Book online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing. Oct 8, 2008 - 'Brake LT Circuit' - 'See Owner's Manual' This warning message. I have owned 4 different E34s including two 1992 525i, 1992 535i, and a. Owner's Manual for Vehicle. Congratulations, and thank you for. Microfilter/activated-charcoal filter. The microfilter removes dust and.

The faulty relay was replaced a week ago and now the warning message is back. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? What did you do to correct the Problem?

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Yeah, I thought that the first time I encountered this problem as well. So I sat int he customer's car and stepped on the pedal about 50 times and was about to give up. I had a mirror behind me and then one more press of hte pedal and lo and behold, the brake light circuit warning is illuminated and no brake lights in the mirror. I have been able to verify this failure mode on about 10 different cars, and have since replaced about 30 or more brake light switches in E34s and E36s, and a few E32s. One of the times when you step on the pedal, your brake lights may not light up. I hope there is nobody tailgating you when that happens. Okay, I get your point.

94 525i Owners Manual

I will have to look into it. I have never noticed that they have stopped working and I have always paid attention, although I am sure it is impossible that I have noticed every single time the message has come up.

I have done quite a bit of reading on this issue and have seen many people who have felt like I did, that it is not a big deal. It is the fact that the switch wears and becomes dirty and the resistence in the switch becomes slightly higher creating a feedback issue to the check control. I understand that the raised resistence could also be an indicator of issues with the wiring, sockets, and bulbs. But, if you are telling me that it is possible that the lights could stop working, than I agree that is is more serious than I had thought.

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I appreciate your advice.