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BMW E46 320D REPAIR MANUAL the bmw 3 series e46 service manual 19992005is a comprehensive and repair your e46 3 series this bmw manual. BMW Workshop Manuals > 3 Series E46 330d (M57) TOUR > 1 Service Information > 0 Maintenance And General Data > 1 SI Modified Change Intervals E9x-M3-US the adverts are annoying tho. Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format. Manuals marked as [universal] are in addition to a specific manual for that vehicle.

11 12 100 Removing and installing cylinder head (M57) Special tools required:. 00 2 530. 00 9 120. 11 2 300. 11 3 340. 11 6 050.

11 6 321. 11 6 322. 11 6 480.

13 5 020 Necessary preliminary tasks: Instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery. When working on the oil, coolant or fuel circuit, you must protect the alternator against contamination. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in an alternator malfunction. If the charge air hoses are not fitted without grease and dry, this will result in supercharger failure.

RA Removing and installing cylinder head (M57) BMW AG - TIS 04:22 Issue status (12/2007) Valid only until next DVD is issued Copyright Page - 1 - 3 RA Removing And Installing Cylinder Head (M57).


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Installation: Replace self-locking nut. Installation: The opening in the belt tensioner housing (2) must point to the alternator. Install tensioning roller with lever and then tighten down screws (1).

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RA Removing and installing belt tensioner for alternator (M57) BMW AG - TIS 04:40 Issue status (12/2007) Valid only until next DVD is issued Copyright Page - 3 - Page 675.