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Oct 24, 2016 - Get the test prep help you need to get the results you deserve. The FTCE PK-3 Exam is extremely challenging and thorough test preparation is. Get started studying with our free unofficial FTCE practice test questions. These questions will help you increase your FTCE exam score. FTCE Study Guide. The guide should enable candidates to direct their study and to focus. This test information guide is intended primarily for use by certification.

3-test Oxo

FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3 Exam Study Guide Students in the grade of prekindergarten require special care and guidance from the teacher. Hence teacher applying for FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam are tested on the scale of certain competency levels.

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Florida Teacher Certification Examination is conducted by Florida Department of Education to grant certification to the eligible candidate. Candidate getting the certification from the board gets the permission to practice as a Prekindergarten Educator in the State. Candidate can opt for two types of certifications:-. Professional certification- it is valid for five academic years and is renewable. Temporary certification- it is valid for three academic years and is non renewable Eligibility for FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam To appear for FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam, candidate needs to meet all the eligibility conditions listed by the board. First of all candidate should have bachelor degree in the subject for both the certifications.

Candidate should also have Master degree in prekindergarten education for professional certification. For temporary certification candidate should have 2.5 GPA in the subject.

Candidate should also submit finger prints report to the Education Board. As no grant of certification is possible without the submission of finger print reports. Format of FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam is the measure of candidates personality to deal with the students of primary classes. FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam consists of multiple choice questions. There are 120 objective questions in FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam. Each question is complemented with four options, out of which only one is correct. The total duration for completing the FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam is 150 minutes.

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The formats of questions included in FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam are:-. Completing the sentence. Situation analysis. Commanding query. Direct questioning Candidate needs thorough practice to meet the speed demands of FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam. Topics included in FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary Exam are as follow:-.

Social sciences instruction. Science instructions.

Mathematical instructions. Literal instructions. Classroom behavior and its management. Assessing, diagnosing and evaluation children. Developmental pattern of children. Child development and growth Above mentioned topics are very important from examination point of view.


Hence candidate should prepare them efficiently. Study Guide And Test Preparation For FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3 Exam A Complete FTCE Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3 Exam Study Guide that includes sample questions, test tips and a complete study plan prepared by a team of expert and dedicated researchers. Cost-effective and qualified exam help from a committed exam preparation company.

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