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View and Download Selva T25/30 owner's manual online. T25/30 Engine pdf manual download.

. OWNER'S MANUAL Izmir Naxos. This manual must be considered as an integral part of your outboard motor and has to be kept with it, also if the motor is resold. Selva joint-stock CO. Reserve the right to change its product at any moment, except for the essential specifications, which will be kept as they are.


SELVA MARINE service station or SELVA MARINE dealer. This data is stamped on the label attached on the clamp bracket, as shown on the picture 1. When you receive your new SELVA outboard motor write down the serial Write down the identification number and the model of your outboard number, it will be useful to you in case you will have to order spare parts or for reference if your outboard motor should be stolen. CONTENTS Tilt-up the motor.19 GENERAL INFORMATION. 1 Overheat warning system.19 Introduction.2 Emergency starting procedure.20 Outboard motor identification data.3 Running-in procedure.20 Serial number record.3 Stopping procedures.20 Directions for use. Basic safety measures.5 Emergency stopping procedures.20 Specifications. (physical suitability, insurance, government duties, registration, and so on).

We suggest you become familiar with your boat and SELVA motor in Check every so often the oil level and the fuel level. Places, which are not too crowded.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROPELLER There must be nobody within the motor steering radius. The propeller is certainly the least protected part of your motor. It is therefore forbidden to get near the propeller when this is rotating. You Picture No.

Must leave bathers, skiers and other boat users enough space to move, in order to avoid any contact with the propeller. If the motor has had an accident, you should have it fully checked, before Prevent fires and explosions. You use it again.

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If necessary let the SELVA MARINE authorised skilled staff have a look at it. Before operating an outboard motor, you must know the laws and Do not use the motor, if the damage could have compromised the sailing safety.

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AVERAGE CONSUMPTION 2.5 litres / hour 3 litres / hour 4,5 litres / hour FUEL mixture of 2% petrol with 'SELVA OUTBOARD MOTOR OIL' (TC-WII) oil FUEL TANK litres 12 litres 23 RECOMMENDED ENGINE OIL oil 'SELVA OUTBOARD MOTOR OIL'. 30.5 long kg 31.5 Selva joint-stock CO reserve the right to change weight, construction, materials and characteristics without warning and without therefore having to change the motors, which were built previously. See picture N.15 for the dimensions. LOCATION OF MAIN COMPONENTS See picture No. 16 N° DESCRIPTION Tilt-up handle and air intake Back cowling lock lever Transport handle Cooling system warning lamp Gear-shift lever (R = reverse gear; N = neutral gear; F = forward gear) Steering adjustment Tilt-up lever Trim angle adjusting-rod. CONTROL FUNCTIONS Throttle-control adjustment.

Device which permits to have a constant speed. Gear-shift lever. Starting out from the position of neutral gear ( N ), move the lever in boat direction and you engage the clutch with the forward gear.

Wiring diagram. Model with manual start Wiring colour scheme Legend Light blue Black Grey 1 - Flywheel Blue Orange 2 - Ignition-coil Brown White 3 - Sparking plug. Black/light blue Ba/Az 4 - Emergency engine stop switch. 5 - Button to stop the motor 6 - Thermo switch Picture No.

Failure to check as shown in the chart could result in consult a SELVA MARINE dealer. The time which is needed to check severe injury to people or damage to the boat. Picture No. Missing, you must inform immediately and in detail the forwarding- agent, SELVA joint-stock CO. Or its area agents. The motor must be vertical to the water surface and the brackets mounted on a flat even surface and should be fully supported by the top edge of the transom. Trim angle adjusting push down the free-lock lever and tilt up the motor till the  The trim angle is the inclination angle, that should be given to the motor in first automatic stop; order to obtain an optimal performance from your boat.

Lock the motor in the tilted up position, pushing down the . BATTERY MOUNTING Connecting the battery Battery electrolytic fluid is dangerous; it contains dilute sulphuric acid and therefore is poisonous and highly caustic Always follow these preventive measures:. Avoid bodily contact with electrolytic fluid as it can cause severe Before connecting or disconnecting the battery leads turn the burns or permanent eye injury.

FUEL Preparation of the fuel Use only petrol with a octane number higher than 95 N.O. Fuel Research and that does not contain alcohol, with the addition of 2% of oil proper for mixture (see the detailed list) The fuel used for the propulsion of internal combustion engines is highly flammable and, in certain cases can become Pour first the oil and then the petrol into the fuel tank, then mix explosive. STARTING Model with electric start Push the choke switch, turn the key clockwise completely, keep it in this Verifications before starting the motor position for a maximum of 5 seconds. Immediately when the engine starts, release the switch key and the choke switch. When the engine is still warm, you do not need to use the choke Check that the top cowling is locked, that the free-lock knob. If after having done all this, you start the engine and no water runs out of the proper handle.

Push downwards the tilt-up lever. The pilot hole, stop immediately the motor and contact a SELVA MARINE To bring it back to the cruising position, you just have to tilt up slightly the concessionaire. To start the motor again you have to install again the lock plate on the engine stop switch. A SELVA outboard motor is tested completely in our workshop and it is partially run in a tank.

A second test is done by the concessionaire It is. If you will not use the motor for several days, you should stop the engine in the following way: SELVA motors do not need much cleaning, to clean the painted parts use a cloth soaked with water Run the engine at idling speed, place the gear-shift lever in the neutral position '.

The specified fuel consumption and emission data have been determined according to the measurement procedures prescribed by law. 2018 audi a5 mmi manual. Since 1st September 2017, certain new vehicles are already being type-approved according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), a more realistic test procedure for measuring fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions.

Pay attention to the motor parts, which are still hot, so that you do not burn yourself. Some maintenance operations must be carried out by qualified staff.

Contact SELVA MARINE after-sale service. The following chart lists the periodic maintenance operations to do on your motor. PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND ADJUSTMENTS GREASING CHART (Running hours) INITIAL THEREAF GREASING FREQUENCY OPERATIONS TO PERFORM GREASE GREASE THAT EVERY POINTS MUST BE USED SALT WATER 100 100 FRESH-WATER seas Check the level after the first 10 running hours. Afterwards every 50 Inspection of the conditions of the fuel API GL-5 hours. The only part, which must be filled with oil, is the gearbox. Selva supply the motor already with the oil, which the user will have to technical detailed list.

90° and an old one 15° ÷ 20°. For an careful choice of the propeller consult a SELVA Replace the spark-plug cap, checking that it is correctly fitted and then MARINE service point. The motor should be towed in the normal running position. Avoid towing Change the gearbox-oil.

With the tilt-support lever only, but use a motor support device. Check the screws torque. Grease all the components as shown in the greasing chart.

Storage Inspect the anode. Fuel hose is flattened or kinked Fuel pump is malfunctioning If you still have difficulties, after investigating these, please contact your SELVA MARINE dealer.

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Fuel filter is clogged A - The engine will not start. B - The engine runs irregularly or staIls.,oo' Only for models with electric start. Possible cause L Possible cause Electric circuit is defective Starter-motor is defective Ignition-coil is defective Starting board is defective Clogged water passages Battery is undercharged Faulty water-pump Thermostat faulty Cavitation is occurring Propeller is damaged Propeller proper dimensions.