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The flagship Marshall & Swift® Valuation Service cost manual is the complete and authoritative appraisal guide for developing replacement costs and depreciated values of commercial structures.

. S w i f t O w n e r ' s H a n d b o o k. Credit is available to persons aged 18 or over. Guarantors may be required.

Written quotations available on request from: Black Horse Caravan Finance, 24 - 26 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0SR Tel: 029 2029 6863. HEIGHTEN YOUR ENJOYMENT. THE HANDBOOK HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU A GENERAL GUIDE TO THE CARE, USE AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR CARAVAN. WHETHER YOU ARE A NEW OR AN EXPERIENCED CARAVANNER THE HINTS WILL HELP TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. The Towing Code Safety and Security Services Electrical Equipment Fitted Equipment Maintenance CONTENTS General Data. The Caravan Towing Code.2 Scope of the Code.2 Caravan Terms.2 Weights. 2 Towing Vehicle Terms.

3 Measurement of Noseweight.4 Type of Driving Licence Held.4 Glossary & Checklist.4 Preparing for the Road. The maximum allowable weight to be put including factors such as the strength of This Code of Practice contains into the caravan whilst it is being towed. This materials, loading capacity of tyres etc. Recommendations jointly reviewed and is made up of 3 sections.

EQUAL Caravan to Towing Vehicle Weight Ratio: The towing vehicle to caravan weight ratio Fig. A Car/Caravan Weight Ratios can be determined by calculation and is equal to. We recommend the use of 6kg Propane or In order to be able to tow a caravan a driver 7kg Butane bottles. One position for use and must hold a Category B licence. Those car one for storage only. Water Containers - Two containers are required, one to carry fresh water to the caravan and one for waste water, which needs to be disposed of properly. Several types are available including jerry cans, folding cans and wheeled containers.

External mirrors Levelling boards Air freshener Food Table cloths Fan belt Mallet Aluminium foil Food mixer Table mats Fire extinguisher Site/caravan mains lead Ashtrays Frying pan Television Jack Spare bulbs Bin liners Glasses Tin opener Jump leads (Mandatory in E.C.). The Towing Code PREPARING FOR THE ROAD PRE-LOAD CHECKLIST Caution: Never enter the caravan without first lowering the four corner steadies with the brace provided. BEFORE LOADING CHECK: - loose articles are stowed securely. Do not stow tins, bottles or heavy items in overhead lockers prior to towing. If you have any doubts about the suitability (a) Worn springs or loose spring fixings on The greater the towing vehicle’s tail overhang of your towbar for towing a twin axle caravan the towing vehicle.

(the distance between the rear axle and the consult the towing bracket manufacturer. The minimum tread depth of viii) Insufficient tyre pressures. For towing behind commercial vehicles.

It is both car and caravan tyres must be 1.6mm strongly recommended that whenever a throughout a continuous band comprising ix) Mixing radial and cross ply tyres. When reversing aim and Cassette Toilet (if fitted) door/s are unless the locking button is depressed the towball of the car directly at the caravan secure. First and the handle lifted forward before drawbar. Remove towball cover and keep in Check wheelnuts, tyre pressures and tyre the caravan is lowered manually. contact provided. Take hold of the caravan under the rubber gaiter behind the coupling and lift to Adjust jockey wheel to lower cup on to the ascertain whether the caravan is properly ball. A breakaway cable is required for caravans ORANGE REVERSE LIGHTS ORANGE REVERSE LIGHTS BROWN/BLUE CAR + BROWN/BLUE CAR + and the device must be such that the caravan BROWN/RED FRIDGE BROWN/RED FRIDGE stops automatically if the coupling breaks WHITE/BLACK EARTH FOR 10 WHITE/BLACK.

MIRRORS The driver of the towing vehicle must have an adequate view of the rear. If there is no rear view through the caravan it is essential that additional exterior towing mirrors are fitted. This is mandatory in some European countries and drivers can face instant fines if extension mirrors are not fitted. MUST NEVER 5. Jack up the caravan until the wheel for IMPORTANT be used as a jacking point.

Removal is just off the ground. Apply the caravan handbrake. Levelling must be carried out in both full weight of the caravan until the car has Lower the jockey wheel to the ground. Directions in order for the refrigerator and gained some traction. In Case of Fire.18 Dicon 300AP Smoke Alarm.18 Smoke Alarm. 18 Fire Extinguishers.19 SAFETY Children.

19 Ventilation.19 Security. 20 Caravan Theft. 20 SECURITY Chassis Number.20 Additional Security. 20 Security Chips. IN CASE OF FIRE 1.

Get everyone out of the caravan as quickly as possible using whichever exit is the quickest, including windows. Do not stop to collect any personal items. Do not leave children alone in the caravan in reduced ventilation levels. Keep potentially dangerous items out of reach, as at home e.g. Matches, drugs WARNING: Do not obstruct ventilation. Group dealership. No: 30 SECURITY Caravan theft The theft of a caravan can occur in the most unlikely circumstances; from a motorway Fig.

A Chassis Number service area, even from an owner’s driveway. Secure all windows and doors when your. Whale 'Elite' Microswitch Taps.28 Gas. 30 General Information.30 Typical Gas Schematic Drawing.31 Types of Gas.32 Gas Safety Advice.32 Electricity.33 SERVICES Instructions for Electricity Supply.33 Overseas Connection.35 Wiring of Connecting Cable and Caravan Mains Inlet.36. In all cases users should become familiar with the equipment manufacturers’ instructions.

Advice and leaflets, if not supplied with the caravan, can be obtained from the suppliers of the equipment. Before making connections of any description to the caravan or its equipment, ensure that ALL equipment is turned off. Services TRUMA COMPACT CRYSTAL 2 Plug the pump connector into the socket. When using the Winter Kit the blanking plug Turn the top security clip anti-clockwise and provided will be fitted to the housing not the bottom security clip clockwise to lock being used. To remove, make sure that the mains Switch off the pump at the control panel. Services REICH MICROSWITCH TAPS Before you Start 5.

Detach the plastic 1. Ensure pump is isolated.

Part (3) from the The micro switch taps are used when the cartridge lever. Position lever in central, i.e. Mixer, off water supply is not pressurised. Services 11.Install 8. If the microswitch is defect: cartridge, - Pull the wire out of the mixer plastic parts, - Install a new microswitch, housing and part no.: 240-06220M. Handle in the 9. Install ceramic opposite cartridge, brass ring, way.

Brass nut, rosette Maintenance and handle in the. Services WHALE ‘ELEGANCE’ Microswitch replacement Dismantling the taps for maintenance MICROSWITCH MIXER TAPS Before you start: 1. Pull off knob(s) and spindle(s). Ensure the pump is isolated. Unscrew securing screw(s), using a 17mm The microswitch taps are used when the water supply is not pressurised. Services WINTERISING swivel the lever (c) to the left or right as shown below. To avoid damage as a result of freezing, drain the entire water system.

To protect Elegance Tap or Shower units, the tap control(s) and the shower handset on/off control should be opened when draining the system to enable stored water in the outlet to drain back through the control valves and. Note: Do not overtighten screw. Following procedure prior to using the 14.Replace lever cap. Caravan each time, even if you boil or filter all 9. On no account should garden hoses be WINTERISING water you use for drinking. Used to fill water tanks.

Swift Old Service Manual English

Swift Old Service Manual

Suitable sterilising chemicals are available appliances and the gas cylinders are from your caravan dealer, accessory shop, switched off before you move the caravan. Chemist or home-brew shops. It is not, however, recommended to use bleach or Regularly check flexible gas hose, joints and sodium metabisulphite. ‘high pressure’ regulator. This Cylinders and regulators are also not suits the equipment in the caravan. Often has an adjusting handle on it.

Interchangable between different makes NEVER use such a regulator on a Note: Regulator valves should always be in of gas cylinder. A 6kg bottle is recommended for propane Caravan owners are advised to allow some gas.

Fresh air circulation in the awning space TYPES OF GAS when such appliances are in use. Check the flexible hose frequently.

Before turning on the gas supply, ensure that average temperature difference of at least all gas operated equipment in the caravan is 20k between inside and outside temper- d) The gas is heavier than air and therefore turned off. Telephone: 0171 229 1266 annual inspections).

Lift the cover of the electricity inlet ECA of Scotland, 23 Heriot Row provided on the caravan, and insert the Suitably qualified persons acceptable to the Edinburgh EH3 6EW connector of the supply flexible cable. Services CAUTION WARNING: Never allow modifications The Ultraheat has the potential to draw of electrical or LPG systems and 8 amps at 2kW. An ALDE heater has a appliances except by qualified persons.

Potential drain of 3kW/13amp. It is, therefore, advisable to check the supply rating before switching on two loads (items) greater than the supply as this may cause an overload and the circuit breaker. Services WIRING OF CONNECTING CABLE AND CARAVAN MAINS INLET WARNING IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT CONNECTIONS ARE MADE EXACTLY AS SHOWN. IF TERMINAL MARKINGS ARE NOT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE DIAGRAM THEY MUST BE IGNORED. IF IN DOUBT CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. Distribution Panels.38 Remote Control Instructions.40 ESM 2 - Electrical Supply Module.40 ECM - Electrical Control Module.41 ESM 2000 - Electrical Supply Module.42 Battery.44 ELECTRICAL Habitation Relay.44 Generator Guidelines. 44 EQUIPMENT SAS 200 Mobile Alarm System.45 12V Electrical Supply.

Electrics KT92GT2 KT92GB KT92GM KT92BT2 ESM2000 KT92GL2. This battery condition meter indicates the Pump switch Battery Condition Meter power remaining in your caravan battery.

To This switch merely energises the inboard test battery voltage simply press the test This battery condition meter indicates the water pump ready for use. This switch should be pressed to the battery 2. Button II controls the isolation of the 12 V your caravan.

The unit provides the following position to test battery voltage or the water systems. Low charge MBC1- Sockets/Space Heater (if fitted) STOP 7.5A (turn on charger switch MCB2- Space Heater/Lights (if fitted) to re-charge) MCB3- Fridge/Charger A car/caravan changeover switch is provided in this module and should be used in the following way. 230 volt ac and 12 volt dc power control unit. It provides all the necessary features For Abbey, Sterling and Swift models for control of the electrics in a caravan. The MCB1 - SOCKETS/BLOWN-AIR HEATING unit provides the following features. Fuses must be replaced only Caravan position - with the specified values.

When in this position dc power is available from the caravan battery to power all 12 volt Distribution Panels electric circuits. Fuse 1 - Front roof lighting. Telephone (01482) 652523 and ask for 60 or 90amp capacity is recommended. PRODUCT SUPPORT SERVICE. Your caravan has been fitted with an in-line Note: 90 amp batteries and above should be fuse between the battery terminal and strip checked dimensionally before purchasing, to HABITATION RELAY connector.

The alarm has four modes of steady level. Electrics Set the lever mid way between the If the alarm is operating from the 3.

Battery two positions. Internal alarm battery only, the alarm The SAS200 Alarm System incorporates a will operate in 'slow response' battery Remember to return the lever to the 3.3Ah sealed lead acid battery that is saving sleep mode. Siren output: 110 dB +/- 10% should be kept to a minimum and not 1. The caravan battery will be charged by the 4.2 Movement Sensor exceed 5 metres. The minimum cross car charging system independently of the.

If using a combination relay, ensure the supply fuse is the correct amperage. A lower rating will ‘blow’ causing the fridge, if switched on, to be connected directly to the caravan battery. While towing, the caravan battery will be discharged instead of being charged. Whale Water Pump.50 Shurflo Water Pump. 50 Truma Ultra-Store Water Heater.50 Truma S3002P, S3002 Space Heaters.53 Truma Ultraheat for S3002.55 ALDE Heating System.56 TP5 Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat.63 Refrigerator.65 Model RM4270. (Model specific) component leaflet.

If you remain in any heater is filling. The heater is filled when Fresh water is supplied to the caravan by a doubt, please contact the Swift Group water flows out of the tap. Shurflo pump. This pump is a completely.

Mount cowl cover. Drain the water if operating instructions of the vehicle the exhaust on the exterior of the caravan. There is a risk of frost. Close quick-acting manufacturer or see switch labels. This also applies selected, automatic temperature limitation at water hose connections and safety/drain when the caravan is in storage.

For a faster heating up period valve, fulfil the EC guidelines for quality in General Safety Notes the appliance can be simultaneously plastic parts (90/396/EEC). Fitted Equipment 5. During the initial operation of a brand new Power consumption 230 V appliance (or after it has not been used Heating Up: (2A) 450 W for some time, a certain amount of fumes, Weight (empty): 6.7 Kg and a slight smell, may be noticed for a THE TRUMA S 3002 P &. Fitted Equipment Automatic Ignitor 3. Repairs are only to be carried out by a duct connection to both the heater and competent service engineer.

The cowl must be firm and well sealed. Prior to first ignition, make sure that the Do not operate heaters with incorrectly batteries have been inserted. (b) (see Technical Data). Important: The electric feed line for the a = Slide switch: ON - OFF caravan must be fully unwound in the cable b = Slide switch drum. Power settings: 1. Fitted Equipment Blown air of the instructions for installation and use well as their ends and connections, are made will result in the guarantee becoming from stainless steel, while the heat exchanger The air ducting outlets are generally of the invalid and no liability will be assumed.

Fitted Equipment reason, the sensor is activated and the THE CONTROL PANEL thermostat on the control panel controls electronics box ensures that a new attempt is the operation of the heating cartridge/LPG The boiler is controlled using sliding switches made to start the boiler (in about 10 boiler. Fitted Equipment result in shortness of breath and symptoms FAULT FINDING of suffocation. These symptoms quickly The boiler does not start disappear if the sufferer breathes in ordinary 1. Air or oxygen. Naturally, it is inadvisable to 2.

Is the main tap fully open? Inhale either LPG or exhaust fumes. Alde's guarantee is valid for one year from be drained of fresh water when there is a risk the date of delivery and only covers of frost and when the caravan is not in use. Materials or manufacturing faults, provided The guarantee does not cover frost damage. Fitted Equipment 1050 W requires a 6-amp fuse. Temperature, turn the axle clockwise until it MAINTAINING THE HEATING SYSTEM reaches its maximum position and cannot be 2100 W requires a 10-amp fuse.

Swift old service manual pdf

Winter camping turned any further. The system temperature 3150 W requires a 16-amp fuse. Using the jockey wheel, lower the system is in operation. System must be free of contamination. This front of the caravan as far as possible so will prevent the growth of bacterial in the that the rear is tilted upwards. Leave it in BLEEDING THE SYSTEM system.

Fitted Equipment procedure in this position. Then position the caravan horizontally and start the circulation pump.

Check that the pipes and radiators around the vehicle are heating up. Motor caravan or twin-axle caravan: The easiest way to bleed the heating system is to place the vehicle on a sloping surface or to raise one end of the vehicle using a jack. Fitted Equipment HEATING AND WARM WATER WITH BOTH If the main switch is not closed, the boiler TP5 ELECTRONIC 230 V HEATING CARTRIDGE AND LPG will remain in the stand-by position and PROGRAMMABLE ROOM BOILER use a small amount of electricity. THERMOSTAT (Use only when electricity or gas alone is not 3. Fitted Equipment correct day. Press PROGRAMME to display LIMITS OF ADJUSTMENT FOR TIME appear in the display to remind you that you the first setting. SETTINGS have over-ridden the programmed temperature.

The unit will revert to Time setting 1 can be at any time of the day Set time Set day programmed temperature at the start of the. Set switch (B) to position I. Check that the switches for mains and 12V Operation When the caravan is on tow, the refrigerator 12V are off.

Should be operated electrically, i.e. From the There is no thermostat control on 12V 3. Fitted Equipment 1. If applicable, turn off the gas operation.

Turn on gas supply by pressing knob (D) and turning it to the flame position. Set the 230V rocker switch (B) to ‘O’ and the 12V rocker switch (A) to I. Fitted Equipment Note: Before operating the refrigerator STARTING THE REFRIGERATOR on12V, it should be pre-cooled, together with LP Gas operation its contents, by running it on bottled gas or After initial installation, servicing, or changing 230V for a few hours before changing over gas cylinders etc., the gas pipes may to 12V and starting on a journey.

Fitted Equipment 230V operation MODEL RM6270, RM6271 AND RM6291 Before taking the refrigerator into operation, check that the voltage stated on the data plate is the same as the main voltage in use. Turn the thermostat knob (D) to its highest (coldest) position. Fitted Equipment 8.

Adjust the temperature in the main When using for the first time or after 1. Set the energy selector switch (A) to refrigerator compartment using rotary changing the gas cylinder, the gas pipes The refrigerator will run continuously without switch (B) may contain air. Fitted Equipment Never put bottles or cans of fizzy drinks in Do not try to accelerate defrosting by using Never use detergents, scouring powder, the frozen food storage compartment as any kind of heating appliance as this might strongly scented products or wax polish to they may burst when freezing. That the fuse on the 12 V supply is.

The doors are secured by means of both who is familiar with LP gas systems and intact. Travel catches when the caravan is on the refrigerators. That the battery is not run down. Fitted Equipment TRAVEL CATCH THETFORD ABSORBER REFRIGERATORS All models are fitted with a travel catch (type A or B depending on model) to keep the This user’s information is for all N80 models refrigerator door securely closed when the of Thetford absorber refrigerators. It explains vehicle is on the move.

Never cover the ventilation gratings in the Tip! “Tip” provides the user with walls of a caravan. Good ventilation is Cold space suggestions and advice for essential for the correct working of the. Fitted Equipment. To limit frosting on the condenser: Securing products for driving Freezer compartment - always cover liquid foods before placing One of the racks in your refrigerator has a The two-star freezer compartment (N80) is them in the refrigerator; system for securing products for driving. Fitted Equipment you can make doubly sure that the door Technical data SWITCHING ON THE REFRIGERATOR does not come open during your journey. (N80) Category: If you are not going to use the refrigerator for.

It is recommendable to clean the inside of 230V (50/60 Hz) a prolonged period of time, you can use the the refrigerator before you switch it on. Fitted Equipment.

direct current (DC) has been refrigerated. It is prohibited to use gas to power the refrigerator while you are driving. If a. mains supply - When powered by a vehicle battery the road accident results in fire, there is a refrigerator works without temperature. Fitted Equipment Switching off the refrigerator Cleaning. Leave the refrigerator door open. Set the energy source selector switch (A) Tip!.

Place dry towels in the refrigerator to - A good time to clean your refrigerator is absorb the water. Straight after you have defrosted it. click back the cover. Refrigerator accessory obtainable from your - appliances that run on liquid gas must For details regarding spare bulbs please caravan dealer.

Be inspected each year. After each contact the Customer Service department of inspection a certificate will be issued. Fitted Equipment STORAGE. Check whether the refrigerator can be used with an available energy source. If you do not expect to use your refrigerator for a lengthy period, carry out the following actions: Problem: refrigerator will not work on gas. Fitted Equipment GUARANTEE, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 5. This guarantee is not valid in the case of ENVIRONMENT LIABILITY products that are for, or are used for, Refrigerators manufactured by Thetford B.V.

Commercial purposes. Guarantee are PCB-free.

Most of the refrigerator is 6. Fitted Equipment 1. The name of the appliance from the facia, Turn pan handles inwards so they are out of PLEASE READ THE MANUFACTURERS and its colour.

Reach of children and cannot be caught INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OPERATING THE accidentally. Fitted Equipment ELECTRIC HOTPLATES children should be kept away. Before using for the first time, prime the. Never cover the grill pan or grid with hotplate - switch it on without a pan to cooking foil, or allow fat to build up in the harden and burn off the coating.

Fitted Equipment 3. With the trivet removed the food is placed directly on the base of the grill pan, eg; when cooking dishes such as whole fish. Always preheat the grill for 3 minutes for best results. When you have finished grilling, check the control knob is in the off position THE OVEN Caution: When you are cooking, keep. Fitted Equipment CLEANING Clean with a mild cream cleaner eg; Jif, or use a moist soapy Brillo pad. Caution: Any cleaning agent used incorrectly may damage the appliance. Note: Fixed burners (if fitted): Some versions incorporate fixed burners.

These burners are Always let the appliance cool before secured to the hob with 2 screws. CAUTION: Do not add Aqua Kem 1. Open access door on the side of the Concentrate or Aqua Kem Bio directly into caravan and swing out fresh water fill toilet bowl while Cassette tank valve blade is funnel.

Pressure due to heat and altitude change can build up in the Cassette tank 2. Fitted Equipment 8. Slide the Cassette, pour out spout facing 11.To flush after use, turn the valve knob in outside into the caravan through access anti-clockwise direction and turn the flush door.

Never force insertion or removal of knob. This procedure results in the best the Cassette tank, damage to system can bowl rinse and most efficient use of water. 17.After preparing for use, slide the Cassette into the caravan. Check to make sure that the retaining clip secures the tank in a locked position. The pour out spout end of the tank should be visible through the access door opening. C-200 CW C-200 CW only C-200 CWE only only 19 ELECTRIC 08 07 09 14 12 unit and Cassette. Replace tank inside caravan.

Note: Pour-out spout and vent plug can be removed. Seals should be greased if necessary with acid-free vaseline. Fitted Equipment THETFORD CASSETTE CASSETTE C-200 CW AND C-200 CWE 5. Slide the holding tank into position The toilet section of the C-200 includes a through access door (fig.

C-200 CW (Manual) rotatable bowl, removable seat and cover, a and C-200 CWE (Electric) 6. Fitted Equipment 10. After use open the blade by turning the CAUTION: Do not allow the holding tank to blade-handle anti-clockwise (fig. Become overfilled. See trouble shooting section for emergency emptying 10a.C-200 CWE only: After use open the procedure. Blade by pressing the ‘open’.

Fitted Equipment Lipseal: Remove the sliding cover. Open the When procedure has been completed valve-blade by turning the blade-opener replace drainplug and waste holding tank knob anti-clockwise. Clean the seal with (fig. Clean the seals and grease them water. Dry the seal and grease with silicone after drying (see cleaning and maintenance). In case of a defect apply to an original Models equipped with TV points in the dealer or Thetford Service Centre with 4. Open gas locker door on caravan, ensure battery box can be attached to a pitch proof of purchase.

Fitted Equipment BEDDING Sleeping bags and continental quilts can be compressed into small spaces and can be ready to use in minutes. LOWER SINGLE BEDS ASSEMBLY (Figs. Unroll bed slat bundle and place between the recess in both seats. Fitted Equipment PULLMAN BUNKS 5. Where a bed board is fitted, unfold and make sure it is secured by press studs 1. Release catches, one at a time.

When lifted into position. (The bed board 2. Release press studs on the bed board. Is required to protect both the occupant and the window from damage during use 3. DROP DOWN BUNK On caravans with rear side windows fitted WARNING: Always ensure safety boards The bunks (if any) fitted to your caravan are with cassette blinds, care must be taken to are located before entering the bunk. Guaranteed to a weight limit of 11 stones avoid damaging the blind frame.

Fitted Equipment. DO NOT ALLOW THE BLIND OR FLYSCREEN TO RE-COIL WITHOUT CONTROL. It is not recommended that blinds and/or flyscreens are left in the down position for long periods, or when travelling, as this can result in fatigue of the spring. Position 1 lifts the pane 12mm without replaces rooflights or Omnivents. THE OMNIVENT (12V) ROOFLIGHT allowing rain to enter the caravan. The Omnivent is a double glazed rooflight Position 2 sets the pane to a 150mm opening constructed from a synthetic ultra-violet and locks with a bar. This should not detract from the Electrolux correct functioning of items fitted in the The air conditioning compressor runs during caravan.

The refrigerating phase, if switched on and off at once it may get damaged. Therefore, it is SHOWER very important to wait at least 3 minutes before attempting to switch it on again.

Fitted Equipment TABLES Slide top of drawers out and fold back to form convenient table. A) The pedestal table can be swung round for easy access to the seating and then re- positioned afterwards. B) Tables stored in the table storage compartment must be securely clipped into place whilst in transit.

In order to avoid puncturing the outer skin of cosmetic damage and dents from the awning the caravan wall, it is recommended that poles. Awning poles are fixed to your caravan using Note: load spreading eyelet pads or rubber sucker Awnings should be kept ventilated when pads. Modifications.

102 Caravan Exterior.102 Caravan Interior.102 Winterisation/Storage.103 Alko Running Gear. 105 Assembly and Operation.

105 Servicing and Cleaning.108 Accessories. 110 General Maintenance.114 Brake Drum/Hub Assembly.114 Couplings. CARAVAN INTERIOR Acrylic Windows CARAVAN EXTERIOR The windows in your caravan are fully double Follow these guidelines to ensure your Aluminium Panels glazed and with care will remain sparkling investment is receiving the very best The stove enamelled paintwork is very and scratch-free. This is probably an opportune moment to Cupboard Catches Clean and dust the upholstery and if arrange for the caravan to have its annual It is advisable to lightly oil all cupboard possible remove before placing the caravan service at your appointed dealer. After storage it is advisable to air the caravan Drain water heater. Open yellow handle on The pour out spout and vent plug can be and clean throughout, especially cooking inline valve adjacent to heater. (and tandem axle) caravan/trailers, both coupling handle and stabiliser with a minimum weight of 200Kg and a handle do not foul on operation.

Maintenance REPLACEMENT PARTS 1. Replacement parts are safety critical and should parts other than original AL-KO spares be used, warranty and produce liability become void. Repairs should only be carried out by trained and qualified workshop personnel. A list of AL-KO Approved Service Centres is available upon request. Please do not use the stabiliser lever as a grease/dirt.

Manoeuvring handle. Please use the handles on the caravan or fit the AL-KO manoeuvring handle to your jockey wheel (available separately). During opening or closing, the AKS must only be operated by one person.

Maintenance b. Lubricate the drawshaft sleeve via the grease nipples.

In addition, push the gaiter forward and grease (DIN 51 824 KTA 3K) the exposed part of the shaft (Fig 10). Visit a specialist workshop to have the ball holding area checked for damage and the locking mechanism for function. Maintenance 3. If only a red indicator is visible (Fig 9. Fitment of new linings takes place in 13/Item 3), then this may have the reverse. Tighten screws 3/4 to 5 Nm.

Following causes: 10.Replace rubber soft dock, insert top a. Product Approval and is designed to provide 3. Place the key into the lock and turn to the protection against theft of the caravan and left and push in (Fig 18). Clean all parts thoroughly stabiliser device (Fig 16). This movement is transmitted in the normal thief cannot hitch your caravan to a smaller manner to the expanding clutch. Diameter towball or hook (Fig 19). The clutch forces both shoes into contact The combined use of the AL-KO Safety and with the drum.

Each system requires a slightly different If the trailer is parked on a reverse slope or if caravan an inch or two backwards with their method of operation when parking the trailer, it is pushed backwards, then the brake posterior. Adjust brakes first (Fig. A) and the linkage ensure brake shoes are centralised in the only if necessary. If the caravan or trailer is to be parked on a drum. Re-check the shoe clearance at the steep slope or on loose or slippery surfaces, IMPORTANT: During Wheel brake wheel brake. Maintenance GENERAL NOTES ON MAINTENANCE 1.

Brake Drum/Hub Assembly The EURO AXLE fitted to your caravan comes complete with maintenance-free wheel bearings GREASED AND SERVICED FOR LIFE. Adjustment is not required during the design life of the sealed bearing (100,000 km). Maintenance 3. Towing Ball 7. Corner Steadies TYRE WEAR AND DAMAGE The automobile towing ball should measure The screw and pivot pins should be The legal requirement for tread depth on 50mm maximum and 49.5mm minimum (DIN lubricated periodically to ensure their motor vehicles also apply to caravans. Al-Ko Chassis SHOCK ABSORBERS (OPTIONAL) The Euro Axle fitted to the caravan is capable of being equipped with octagon shock absorbers specially developed by AL-KO to ensure optimum roadholding of your caravan.

Gas.120 Cassette Toilet.121 Useful Information. 122 Owners Club.122 Spares and After Sales.122 Repair Facilities.122 GENERAL Factory Tours.122 Caravan Clubs.123 DATA Motoring Associations.123 Trade Association.123 CRIS.123. Fault Finding WATER Problem Possible Cause Remedy Water not flowing from Freshwater tank empty Check any tap when operated Pump wired in reverse Check wiring, refer to pump manufacturers instructions but pump runs Pump not primed Refer to pump manufacturers instructions Pipe inlet or outlet pipe disconnected Check connections Pump pipes restricted by kinking. Fault Finding WATER (continued) Problem Possible Cause Remedy Cold water pipe kinked preventing flow Check and re-route if necessary Water flows from hot tap Blockage in cold pipe line Disconnect pipes after 1st Y connector and check up to tap but has reduced flow from Cold tap not connected Refer to installation instructions. Fault Finding Problem Possible Cause Remedy Hob does not light No gas Check level of gas in bottle Check gas bottle valve is on Check gas taps are on Air in pipe Purge system Refer to hob manufacturers instructions Oven does not light No gas Check level of gas in bottle Check gas bottle valve is on. Replace cap and return pour-out spout to stored position. DO NOT REMOVE CASSETTE.

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Go inside the caravan and turn the flush knob clockwise to close valve blade. Now, the cassette may be removed following the normal removal and emptying procedure. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer through to spare wheels and touch-up a major accident with your caravan it is paints. Please note that all after sales comforting to know that we have a. Wiltshire SP1 2TB PO Box 300, Tel: 30/422422 1, Cote Lane, Leeds, LS99 2LZ Tel: 0345 670345 Swift Group Limited Dunswell Road, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 4JX Tel: (01482) 875740 e-mail: enquiry@swiftleisure.co.uk web site: www.swiftleisure.co.uk © 2000 SWIFT GROUP LTD. Truma Ultraheat Heating.55 Safety Advice.32 Breakaway Cable.12 Pullman Bunks.94 Truma Ultrastore Water Heater.50 Ventilation.33 Truma Waterline.24 Generator Guidelines.44 Caravan Clubs.123 Refrigerators.65 TV Inlet.92 Glossary and Checklist.4 Caravan Terms.2 Absorber.72 Tyres.115 Grill.82 Cassette Toilets.85 RM4270.65. Quality with Style Swift Caravans, Dunswell Road, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 4JX.

Swift Old Service Manual Pdf English

Tel: 40 Fax: 82 e-mail: enquiry@supercare.co.uk website: www.swiftcaravans.co.uk Issued September 20.