2017 Mercedes Clk320 Window Guide

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Mercedes clk 320

How does the door window regulator work? There are two general styles of window regulator. A scissor-type regulator used on many older vehicles includes a pair of intersecting metal arms that move when a gear is turned. This mechanism is usually made of all metal parts and is heavy. A lighter cable-type regulator slides a window up and down a metal track by way of a cable attached to a drive mechanism.

The cable-type regulator is more common in late model vehicles. Both styles can be actuated either by a power motor, or by hand with a window crank. How are door window regulator issues diagnosed? A failing window regulator is diagnosed by actuating the window motor switch (or window crank in the case of a manual regulator) and observing if a) the window regulator motor is working; b) the window is travelling smoothly in its tracks; c) the window is travelling fully from top to bottom; d) the window is tight or loose in its opening. If the regulator motor is not working, a technician might first check for a blown fuse or faulty window switch. But if the regulator motor is working and the window is not moving smoothly, or it is not travelling all the way up or down, or it is loose in the opening, a technician will remove the interior door trim panel to look inside the door and verify that the regulator is broken.

2017 Mercedes Clk320 Window Guide

Mercedes CLK C209 A209 Window Regulator Repair Kit Rear Right Door. PASSENGER FRONT WINDOW REGULATOR 209 TYPE COUPE CLK320 FITS.

  • A Mercedes Benz C300 Door Window Regulator Replacement costs between $540 and $621 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.
  • Started breaking: 12th Dec 2017. Started breaking: 11th Dec 2017. Mercedes W169 A-Class A170 Coupe 1700cc Petrol Fuel Injection 5 Speed Manual. Purple 2 door 2002 Mercedes W208 CLK CLK320 Convertible 3200cc Petrol Fuel. 1991 MERCEDES W124 LR Window Regulator, 1991 MERCEDES W124 Estate.

How is a door window regulator replaced? Replacement of a window regulator depends on the type of vehicle and style of regulator. In general, a technician will remove the interior door trim panel, taking care not to damage the latch cable or any electrical wiring that is attached. Next, the door vapor barrier is removed. The window is disconnected from the regulator (this may be difficult if the regulator is not working at all) and removed from the door. Finally, the regulator is removed from the door and (in the case of a power regulator) the regulator motor is removed from the old regulator and installed on the new one before reassembly.

What to look out for when dealing with door window regulator issues When replacing a window regulator it is important to be aware of any electrical wiring that might run between the interior door trim panel and the door shell. It is easy to break sensitive electrical connectors when removing the trim panel. There is also a door latch cable that needs to be removed; the cable can break if care is not taken when removing the trim panel. The panel is held on to the door in most cases by screws, bolts, and plastic clips.

These clips are 'blind' - they cannot be seen from the outside of the trim panel - and in some cases are 'one time use' fasteners. Some manufacturers require a reset of the electronic module that controls the windows after a regulator has been replaced.

On some vehicles, there is an airbag mounted behind the door trim panel. Naturally, extreme care should be exercised when working around Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) components. Can I replace the door window regulator myself?

In most cases, a DIYer with intermediate experience can complete this repair. The level of difficulty depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the condition of the window regulator. A basic set of tools will usually suffice for most vehicles. Removing a door panel for the first time presents even the most experienced mechanic with challenges as it is easy to break the retaining clips or other components. When tackling this job it's advisable for amateurs and pros alike to consult a repair manual for door panel removal instructions. Care needs to be taken when disconnecting and reconnecting any linkages and wiring.

Getting the part out of the door and installing the new one can be challenging because it is very confined and tight inside the door. Also, make sure to purchase the correct part before attempting replacement.

Hi - I am new here, but I certainly have read a world of valuable info on my ML320 over the last 6 months(saved me a fortune). I thank this site for that. On my way home tonight, the driver side electric window would not go up - it goes down, and all other windows work fine - I kinda sensed a problem a few days ago when it was acting like it was 'stopping' - meaning - i pulled-let off-pulled, etc, and it went up - now, it does nothing when I pull up - is it something on the console - is there a sensor there, that tells it up and down, or do I have a real problem I can't fix myself this time - lol(hope not)! Any info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated - Thanks! I don't know very much about vehicles beyond checking for oil and recognizing some noises but I was able to follow these instructions and have the driver window up and running in 30 min.

I knew this was my problem as it started to show signs in the last two days. Problem for me was I had a console issue in the past that left the screw casings cracked. So the mechanic apparently took some sort of glue and glued the four screws and casings to attach to the console. I had to break the glue seal to get the switch case detached from the console. I then put it all back together and re glued it and placed some zip ties on it for a couple hours for the glue to dry. I then just popped it back in and vwalla!!!

2017 Mercedes Clk320 Window Guides

It is working!!! I am wondering if getting a small piece of copper wiring or copper foil to wrap around the little cam to add height? Would this work?? I have a feeling its gonna get bent down again soon. My car has been put through the mill but I am determined to get 300,000 onto it! Thanks so very much for posting this DIY info.

Mercedes Clk 320 Window Switch Troubleshooting

My driver door main lock isn't working working either. I can only lock the other three doors. Any DIY info on that using household tools only?