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If you’re looking for the best Exam P study guide in 2018, you’re in the right place. In this post I’m going to break down the pros and cons of my top study guide recommendations and help you choose which is right for you. The best one for you is depends on a number of different factors including budget, learning style and your mathematics background. In my experience, the most popular study manuals right now are ASM, ACTEX and Coaching Actuaries. If you prefer to read (rather than watch videos) or you have a tight budget, I highly recommend you go with one of them as your primary source of information.

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Actex P Manual

That’s not to say that the other ones available aren’t good. It’s just hard for me to speak to them when I haven’t personally heard any reviews on them. (Note: If you prefer to watch videos, you may want to skip to my “Alternatives to study manuals” section below) What study manual should you choose? Since ASM, ACTEX and Coaching Actuaries are all great options, I cannot recommend one over the other. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. ASM To decide between ACTEX and ASM , what it really comes down to is the author’s writing style for each because both are well written, have tons of practice problems and examples, and both are exactly the same price. Once you’ve looked at the samples that I’ve provided above, you’ll likely find that you prefer the style of one author over the other.

If so, get that one. But if you still can’t decide, I recommend going with ACTEX. Here’s why: ACTEX is the more popular of the two, and I really like that ACTEX has a Calculus and Algebra review at the beginning (Section 0). That section will help refresh some topics that you may be a little fuzzy on when you get started. Coaching Actuaries So now let’s look at the Coaching Actuaries study manual. This manual uses a lot more color than either ASM or ACTEX and personally I find the formatting easier to read too.

Actex p manual 2012 edition is it still useful

Aug 23, 2010 - Actex Study Manual for SOA Exam P / CAS 1, 2015 with BONUS. The time-tested market leader with tens of thousands of manuals sold and.

It’s not as condensed which makes it a bit easier on the eyes. This manual is also cheaper than the other two options if that’s a concern for you. However, even though there are many positive things about the Coaching Actuaries manual, there are a couple of things to be consider before you purchase it. It’s only available online. Personally, I hate reading study materials from a computer.

I like to be able to make my own notes in the manual. Also it’s inconvenient to always need an an internet connection and a computer/tablet when you’re studying.

That’s just not always practical. ASM and ACTEX both have the option to purchase physical printed versions which they’ll ship to you. It doesn’t have as many practice problems as other manuals The Coaching Actuaries manual is designed to be used with their ADAPT question software. That means that the manual itself doesn’t have a tons and tons of practice questions like ASM or ACTEX have.

There is one nice thing about having an electronic version of Coaching Actuaries though, and that’s that you’ll always get the most up-to-date version, even if they’ve made significant changes. Is it OK to use an old version of a study guide? Using an old version of the ACTEX or ASM manual is OK if it’s newer than 2015 since the Exam P syllabus hasn’t changed much since then. Just remember that the authors of the manuals regularly make updates to fix errata and add additional sections that will help you, the reader, so you may be missing out on some of those updates. Since Coaching Actuaries is only available electronically you won’t be able to access an older version of that to use. Personally, I think it’s smart to get a recent version (2017 or 2018) but I know sometimes budget is an issue so you can certainly still make an older version work for you. It just may be missing a few things that the authors have found to help students over time.

Alternatives to study manuals: Online seminars Purchasing a study manual is definitely the most affordable option but if you learn better by watching videos and having an instructor explain things to you then an online seminar may be better for you. The most popular online seminars for Exam P are TIA (short for The Infinite Actuary) and the Coaching Actuaries Bundle package.

Online seminars are much more expensive than the study manuals that I talked about earlier, especially if you’re not a student. Fortunately for students, you can get 50% off both TIA and the Coaching Actuaries bundle. The Infinite Actuary Online Seminar You can find sample videos from the TIA seminar. I’ve heard lots of good things this one, including: 1.

The videos are very well done 2. Instructors are able to answer your questions about the videos in the online forums 3. Videos can be downloaded to your phone or tablet (only a certain # at a time) so that you can watch even when you don’t have internet access I also like the fact that TIA offers a free 6 month extension of their online seminar if you don’t pass the first time. That’ll save you some money in the unfortunate situation that it happens.

According to the description of their course, they also assume no prior knowledge of the exam syllabus, so if you’re rusty on your calculus and algebra skills, or if you’ve never seen some of the concepts before, TIA should do a good job of teaching you everything you need to know right from the basics. Coaching Actuaries Bundle package. The Bundle package includes videos, ADAPT and a study manual (the one I talked about earlier).

Actex Exam P Study Manual 2018 Pdf

ADAPT gives you hundreds of practice problems, rated by difficulty level, so that you can gradually work on harder and harder problems as you improve. Just like TIA, I’ve heard great things about the Coaching Actuaries seminar: 1. The videos are very well done 2. Instructors are able to answer your questions about the videos in the online forums 3. Almost all questions have video solutions Like TIA, Coaching Actuaries also has a pass guarantee (on longer subscription lengths) so that you can get an extension if you fail. So TIA or Coaching Actuaries? In my opinion, that added benefit of getting ADAPT in the Coaching Actuaries bundle makes Coaching Actuaries the obvious choice for most people since both online seminars are the same price.

If you want to dig a bit deeper into the differences between the two before you purchase, you can watch the video below where I compare both. Where to buy your study materials Be careful when you’re purchasing study materials. I had someone try purchasing from Ebay before and it resulted in long delays, and eventually never even getting the manual. He was lucky to get his money back – but don’t trust Amazon or Ebay for stuff like this.

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Actex P Manual 2012 Edition Is It Still Useful

It’s not coming from a reliable source there. Here are the best places purchase Exam P study materials For ASM and ACTEX Actuarial Bookstore ( to ASM + 1 month of tutoring) Actex Mad River ( to ACTEX + 1 month of tutoring) For TIA you should purchase directly from.

For Coaching Actuaries you should purchase directly from. And, if you do decide to purchase a used study manual from someone, make sure you meet up with them to make the exchange. Don’t trust that they’ll send you the manual once you give them the money. If this review of the best study manuals helped you and you’d like more Exam P resources and helpful study strategy tips sent to your email, fill out the form below and I’ll send you the first email right away.