Intex 108r Manual

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Open the lid on the top of the pump and insert a filter. If you are buying a new pump, it should come with one filter cartridge. Take note that each model of the Wet Set Pool Pump will require a different type of filter cartridge, which will need to be replaced about once every two weeks. You will probably be able to buy filter cartridges at any store that sells pool supplies—just be sure to buy the right type for your pump.

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Once the filter cartridge is in the pump, screw the cap back on. Note that there is a little knob at the top of the cap. This is the air release valve and you should leave it unfastened for now. Attach the two hoses to the pump. There should be a metal clamp on either end of the hose that you can adjust with a flathead screwdriver. Unfasten these and slide the hoses over the pump connections.

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Intex 108r Parts

Intex 108r Manual

Tighten the screws until the hoses are firmly secured. Attach the other ends of the hose to the protruding hose connections on the pool. It is very important that you attach the bottom hose of the pump to the top hose connection of the pool, and the pump's top hose to the bottom connection of the pool.

If you do it the other way around, your pump won’t work as well and you might overheat the engine.

On the home page, you'll have to chose your location/country. From there, click on ' Need replacement parts or Accessories for Intex Products', under Consumer Info heading. Near bottom of page on right side. From there, click on ' Instructional set videos and manuals, on right side of screen. Then click ' Product set up manuals'. From there, chose the type of filter you have and the instruction manual will open.

Or you can click on the product set up video to nsee how it's set up! Jun 05, 2011.

Just go to the Intex Corp link below. Choose the appropriate pool and/or pump.

Intex 108r

At the bottom of the page you will see a link for instructional manuals and videos. Hope that helps. Oh yeah, by the may want to start looking around for another pump for that pool if you plan on using it more than a year. I have had mine for 3 years and I spend more time in the pool vacumming than I do in the house!!

The 635 pump is not strong enough for the 18x52 pool nor does it filter out fine silt and sucks it up and spits it right back into the pool thru the return. Good luck to you May 17, 2009.