Note Taking Study Guide Cold War Tactics

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Note Taking Study Guide. States needed to ensure French support in the Cold War. What tactics did the Communist forces use against U.S.


Ch 18 wb p 147 156 note taking study guide notes. 1. Any notes not given here for WB pages 147-156 are the responsibility of the student.

Note Taking Study Guide Cold War Tactics

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You will need to use your text book to answer pages 154 & 156. The rest of the information needed is contained in the packet. Certainly you will deepen your understanding if you read the textbook Ch. 18 Note Taking Study Guide Notes Ch. 18 WB p 147 Notes The contrasting goals of the US and Soviet Union post WW II American Goals Soviet Goals Stop the spread of communism Spread communism beyond Eastern Europe United Germany Weak divided Germany Individual nations in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe under Soviet control Support free people resisting subjugation World domination Containment Spread communism Cont. 18 P 148 Note Taking Study Guide The Cold War Begins Yalta & Potsdam: Allies have conflicting goals for Eastern Europe Stalin increased his control over Eastern European nations making some satellites Truman Doctrine- aid was sent to Turkey and Greece Marshall Plan Closure of roads into West Berlin Berlin Airlift NATO and the Warsaw Pact Cont.

18 WB p 150 Notes The Korean War How did Truman use his presidential powers to limit the spread of communism in Asia? 2001 audi tt repair manual. Problem Truman’s Solution Communists threaten takeover of China The US sends aid to Chinese nationalists fighting communists Communist North Korea invades South Korea US and United Nations send aid and troops to Korea South Korean Troops and allies retreat to Pusan Allies attack at Inchon and push North Koreans back MacArthur moves troops into North Korea against Truman’s wishes President Truman fires MacArthur Cont. Chapter 18 WB p 152 Notes Cold War Tactics Used by the US 1.Arms race 2.Hydrogen bomb 3.Mutually assured destruction 4.Massive retaliation 5.Brinkmanship 6.Eisenhower Doctrine.