Rauland Telecenter Programming Manual

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Rauland Telecenter Programming Manual

Rauland Telecenter system 21 Time Setting Rauland Intercom Time Setting information Telecenter system 21: 1. The display will read Time HH:MM (#). The format will be HH:MM with AM and PM appearing in the 12-hour mode.

[964427] - Rauland Telecenter System Programming Manual telecenter ivr line group when the telecenter ivr is placed behind the telecenter v system these location codes 554 556 identify to the system. Rauland Telecenter Programming Manual Discrete mathematics solutions manual 7th, [pdf] le710uv parts manualpdf [pdf] ricoh 2045e guidepdf [pdf] training manual for sap tcodespdf [pdf] rauland.

To go to the date setting without changing the time, press. and go to Step 3. To change the time, use the dial pad to type the new one. Always use a two-digit number for the hour and the minutes (e.g., 09 for 9 o'clock).

Press A for AM, P for PM, and M for Military time (24 hour). If an invalid time wasentered, the display will show the prompt Invalid Time. If that happens, hang up and start over.

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The cursor will be on the position of the entry. When the setting is satisfactory, press #. The new time will be stored and the display will read date MM-DD-YY(#).

Enter a new date in the MM-DD-YY format. Type in a different two-digit number for the month, day, and year (e.g., 06 for June).

Rauland Telecenter Ics Installation Manual

Press # to store the date and then hang up. If an invalid date is entered, the display will read Invalid Date. If that happens, hang up and start over. If there are call-ins waiting, they will appear on the display. Otherwise, the display will show the time and date.