Manual For Owners For Mercedes Benz C320

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Our company and staff congratulate you on the purchase of your new Mercedes-Benz. Your selection of our product is a demonstration of your trust in our company name. Furt her, it exemplifies your desire to own an automobile that will be as easy as possible to operate and provide years of service. Your Mercedes-Benz represents the efforts of many skilled engineers and craftsmen. To ensure your pleasure of ownership, and for your safety and that of your passengers, we ask you to make a small investment of your time:.Please read this manual carefully before putting it aside. Then return it to your vehicle where it will be handy for your reference.Please abide by the recommendations contained in this manual. They are designed to acquaint you with the operation of your Mercedes-Benz.Please abide by the warnings and cautions contained in this manual.

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Download 906 Mercedes-benz Automobile PDF manuals. User manuals, Mercedes-benz Automobile Operating guides and Service manuals. 2001 Mercedes C-Class (C240, C320) Owners Manual [Mercedes-Benz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Factory Original Hardcover 2001 C-Class Owners Manual.

They are designed to help improve the safety of the vehicle operator and occupants. We extend our best wishes for many miles of safe, pleasurable driving.


DaimlerChrysler AG. Contents IntroductionProduct information.

1 Operator’s manual. 2 Where to find it.

7 Reporting Safety Defects. 9Instruments and controlsInstruments and controls.

12 Door control panel. 14 Overhead control panel. 15 Dashboard. 16 Center console.

18OperationVehicle keys. 22 Start lock-out. 24 General notes on the central locking system.

24 Central locking system. 25 Radio frequency and infrared remote control. 25 Locking and unlocking. 27Choosing global or selective mode on remote control. 27 Opening the trunk.

28 Opening and closing windows and sliding / pop-up roof from outside. 29 Panic button. 30 Mechanical keys. 30 Doors.31 Central locking switch.

33 Automatic central locking. 34 Emergency unlocking in case of accident.

34 Trunk. 35 Trunk lid release switch. 37 Antitheft alarm system.

38 Tow-away alarm. 39 Easy-entry/exit feature. 41 Front seat adjustment. 42 Removal and installation of front seat head restraints. 47 Multicontour seat. 49 Heated seats. 50 Rear seat head restraints.

52Seat belts and integrated restraint system. 55 Seat belts. 55 Seat belt nonusage warning system. 56 BabySmart TM airbag deactivation system. 62 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).

63 Emergency tensioning retractor (ETR). 64 Airbags. 65 Safety guidelines for the seat belt, emergency tensioning retractor and airbag. 72 Infant and child restraint systems.


73 Steering wheel adjustment (manual). 77 Steering wheel adjustment (electrical). 79 Rear view mirrors. 80 Instrument cluster.

88 Multifunction steering wheel, multifunction display. Contents Trip and main odometer, FSS, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, engine oil level indicator. 96 Audio systems. 98 Radio. 98 CD player.

99 Cassette player. 100 Telephone. 101 Navigation system. 106 Trip computer. 107 Malfunction/warning message memory. 109 Individual settings.111 Setting the audio volume.

123 Coolant temperature gauge. 124 Flexible service system (FSS). 125 Engine oil level indicator.

128 Engine oil consumption. 129 Exterior lamp switch. 130 Headlamp mode.


131Night security illumination.132 Locator lighting.133 Headlamp cleaning system.133 Combination switch.134 Hazard warning flasher switch.137 Climate control.138 Automatic climate control. 146 Front center console storage compartment ventilation.158 Rear passenger compartment adjustable air outlets.159 Operation Audio and telephone.160 Operating safety.160 Operating and display elements. 161 Button and soft key operation.163 Operation.163 Power windows.184 Sliding/pop-up roof.187 Interior lighting.189 Rear window sunshade.

191Sun visors. 192 Vanity mirrors. 192 Interior. 193 Storage compartments and armrests. 193 Glove box. 194 Cup holder.

197 Ashtrays. 199 Lighter. 201 Parcel net in front passenger footwell.202 Ski sack.202 Enlarged cargo area.207 Split folding rear seat bench.207 Loading instructions (vehicle with enlarged cargo area).209 Cellular telephone. 210 Telephone, general. 211 Garage door opener.

Contents DrivingControl and operation of radio transmitters. 218 The first 1 000 miles (1 500 km).

219 Maintenance. 219 Tele Aid.220 Catalytic converter.228 Emission control.229 Starter switch.230 Starting and turning off the engine.232 Manual transmission.233 Automatic transmission.234 Parking brake.243 Driving instructions.244 Drive sensibly – Save Fuel.244 Drinking and driving.244 Pedals.244Power assistance. 245 Brakes. 245 Driving off. 246 Parking.

246 Tires. 247 Snow chains.

Battery For Mercedes-benz C320

250 Winter driving instructions. 250 Deep water. 252 Passenger compartment. 253 Traveling abroad. 253 Cruise control.

254 Brake assist system (BAS). 257 Antilock brake system (ABS).

258 Electronic stability program (ESP). 260 What you should know at the gas station. 264 Check regularly and before a long trip.

266 Instrument cluster displayMalfunction and indicator lamps in the instrument cluster.268 On-board diagnostic system.268 Check engine malfunction indicator lamp.268 Brake warning lamp.270 Supplemental restraint system (SRS) indicator lamp. 271 Fuel reserve warning. 271 ABS malfunction indicator lamp.272 Electronic stability program (ESP) — warning lamp.273 Seat belt nonusage warning lamp.273 Malfunction and indicator lamp in the center console.273 AIRBAG OFF indicator lamp.273. Contents Malfunction and warning messages in the multifunction display. 274 DISPLAY DEFECTIVE.275 BATTERY / ALTERNATOR. 276 ANTILOCK BRAKE SYSTEM.277 BRAKE ASSIST.277 BRAKE LINING WEAR.278 BRAKE FLUID.278 PARKING BRAKE.279 SEAT BELT SYSTEM.279 ELEC.

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(Electronic stability program).280 COOLANT (coolant level). 281 COOLANT (coolant temperature).282ENGINE OIL LEVEL.



289 RESTRAINT SYSTEM. 290 KEY. 290 FUEL RESERVE. 291 UNDERVOLTAGE. WHEEL ADJUST. 292 ENTRANCE POSITION. 292 Practical hintsFirst aid kit.294 Stowing things in the vehicle.294 Fuses.295 Hood.297 Checking engine oil level.300 Automatic transmission fluid level.

301 Coolant level. 301 Adding coolant.302 Windshield and headlamp washer system.302 Spare wheel, vehicle tools, storage compartment.304 Vehicle jack.305. ContentsWheels.306 Tire replacement.306 Rotating wheels.307 Spare wheel.308 Changing wheels.309 Tire inflation pressure. 315 Battery. 316 Jump starting. 318 Towing the vehicle.

321 Transmission selector lever, manually unlocking.325 Exterior lamps.326 Replacing bulbs.326 Trunk lamp. 331 Changing batteries in the electronic main key.332Synchronizing remote control. 334 Emergency engine shut-down. 334 Fuel filler flap, manual release. 335 Replacing wiper blade insert. 337 Roof rack.

338 Vehicle careCleaning and care of the vehicle. 340 Power washer. 341 Tar stains. 341 Paintwork, painted body components. 341 Engine cleaning. 342 Vehicle washing. 342Ornamental moldings.343 Headlamps, taillamps, turn signal lenses.343 Window cleaning.343 Wiper blade.343 Light alloy wheels.344 Instrument cluster.344 Steering wheel and gear selector lever.344 Cup holder.344 Seat belts.345 Headliner and shelf below rear window.345 Leather upholstery.345 Hard plastic trim items.345 Plastic and rubber parts.345.

Contents Technical dataSpare parts service.348 Warranty coverage.348 Identification labels.349 Layout of poly-V-belt drive.350 Technical data. 351 Fuels, coolants, lubricants etc. capacities.355 Engine oils.357Engine oil additives. 357 Air conditioner refrigerant. 357 Brake fluid.

357 Premium unleaded gasoline. 358 Fuel requirements. 358 Gasoline additives. 359 Coolants.

359 Consumer information. 361 Uniform tire quality grading.

361 IndexIndex.364. 1 IntroductionProduct information Kindly observe the following in your own best interest: We recommend using Mercedes-Benz original parts as well as conversion parts and accessories explicitly approved by us for your vehicle model. We have tested these parts to determine their reliability, safety and their special suitability for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are unable to make an assessment for other products and therefore cannot be held responsible for them, even if in individual cases an official approval or authorization by governmental or other agencies should exist. Use of such parts and accessories could adversely affect the safety, performance or reliability of your vehicle. Please do not use them. Mercedes-Benz original parts as well as conversion parts and accessories approved by us are available at your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center where you will receive comprehensive information, also on permissible technical modifications, and where proper installation will be performed.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C230,C240,C320,C55AMG Owners Manual Pdf 2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Model – Download Service Manual and Owners Manual Pdf for C230, C240, C320, C55AMG. Having a car because it new.2005 Mercedes C-230 Kompressor.Don’t misunderstand beautiful car and a jet when it comes to ride and handling but thats not what we used it daily for work for. The car and the car back and every now and then travel may be one country over. It seems every week there is some expensive services that need to be done on it. The car tires because the suspension geometry eat bad, and you should change the brake every 20k miles it seems.

Manual For Owners For Mercedes Benz C320 Service

This is what you would expect from a German car, tight and solid but not yet perfected, hugging the road like a sports car. Perfect trip, not hard and not too loose as non AMG models other. You roaring engine through rpm range and make sound. The big car is much faster, but it would be a monster with a supercharged version of the 5.4 found in E55. 2005 C230K at 67,000 miles for $ 13,000 three years ago and just turned 165,000 miles and I am very happy with it. I drive between Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas the week and have really never disappoints me.

Manual For Owners For Mercedes Benz C320 Kompressor

Many kick from 4 cyl 1.8L supercharged engine and auto trans shift big slap. Download owner’s manual 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230,C240,C320,C55AMG 2005 Mercedes-Benz C230,C240,C320,C55AMG Owner’s Manual.