2006 Chevy Malibu Owners Manual

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At CARiD you will find the widest choice of premium 2006 Chevy Malibu Auto Repair Manuals from world-renowned brands. 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Owner Manual M. GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem, CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem. When you read other manuals.

I wish only people who know anything about the problems that are described by people who need some help would answer these questions. You are all wasting time for everybody involved. Now, back to the problem at hand. That sounds like your 'Traction Control' indicator. Do you have a button on your center console area that says 'TC'?


If you push this button it turns on your traction control for use on slippery road conditions. If you turn it off the light should come on and stay on (but should have a slash mark going through it (like a no smoking sign with a circle and a slash). If the light is doing goofy things it may be indicating a problem with you ABS system, your anti-lock brake system. You should definitely take it to a dealer and have it checked out.

Should still be covered under your warranty if you have less than 36,000 miles. The owners manual mainly explains how to use controls. You can get one at the dealer. If you want an in depth repair manual, those 20 dollar manuals racked at parts stores are about as useful as glossy toilet paper. Order the complete repair manual(s) from the dealer or online retailer. My Ford F-150 factory manual set is 3 volumes. One for Drivetrain, one for Chassis/Body, and one for Emissions.

If you don't want to invest hundreds on repair manuals, go to your public library and access databases on their workstations (you need a card number), and find your application under 'A' in all-data repair info. You can also access some info remotely from the online libraary database under 'C' Chilton. But that is about the same/worse than wasting the money spent on the book you purchased. Tell us some more. Upload in Progress. Upload failed.

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. Cruise Control.13 Congratulations on your purchase of a Chevrolet Malibu. Please read this information about your vehicle’s features and your Owner Manual to ensure an outstanding ownership experience. REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) (Trunk/Liftgate Release): The trunk or liftgate will unlatch when this button is pressed and held for approxi- mately one second.

You can open the trunk with the transmitter when the vehicle is stationary. The liftgate on the Maxx can be opened only when the vehicle is in Park. REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM Remote Vehicle Start System (if equipped) Starting the Vehicle 1. Aim the transmitter at the vehicle.

2006 Chevy Malibu Owners Manual

Press and release the (Lock) This feature allows you to start the button on the transmitter. Engine from outside the vehicle by using 3. DRIVER PERSONAL FIT FEATURES Driver Seat Controls Lumbar and Seatback Position Adjustment (if equipped) The driver’s seat can be adjusted fore/aft and up/down as well as Adjust the lumbar support using the reclined. The front and rear tilt of the lumbar lever (A) located on the outboard seat cushion also can be adjusted, side of the driver’s seatback. DRIVER PERSONAL FIT FEATURES Adjustable Throttle and Brake Outside Power Mirrors Pedals (if equipped) The outside power rearview mirrors may be adjusted using the controls located on the driver’s door. Use the selector switch (A) to select the driver-side mirror or passenger-side mirror. AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURES Radio and CD Player Controls noise.

Press this button to set the vol- ume compensation level at Low, Medium or High. (Seek/Scan): Press the up or down arrow to go to the next or pre- vious radio station or, when a CD is playing, to the next or previous track. AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURES 2. Use the ADJ knob to select the hour.

(Seek): Press the up or down arrow to go to the next or previous 3. Press the Clock button. Radio station or, when a CD is playing, 4.

Use the ADJ knob to select the to the next or previous track. AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURES Multiple-Disc CD Player (if equipped) Note: CDs with any affixed labels may jam in the CD player. Label a CD using a perma- nent marker. If more than one CD is inserted into the slot at one time, or if scratched or With the in-dash 6-Disc CD player, note damaged CDs are played, the CD player that you cannot directly load a CD as in.

AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURES Rear Seat Audio/Entertainment System (if equipped) Rear Seat Entertainment – DVD The Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) sys- tem has all of the functions of the RSA This feature allows front seat and rear system, with the added features of a seat passengers to listen to different DVD player, flip-up video screen, remote audio sources at the same time using. INSTRUMENT PANEL FEATURES Instrument Panel A B C I J K L M A. Side Window Outlets M. Cruise Control B. Side Air Outlets N. Turn Signal/Light Control Lever O.

Audio Steering Wheel Controls (if equipped) D. Instrument Panel Cluster P.

2006 Chevy Malibu Owners Manual Pdf

INSTRUMENT PANEL FEATURES Instrument Panel Cluster Your vehicle’s instrument panel is Note: The instrument panel cluster is equipped with this cluster or one very designed to let you know about many similar to it. Important aspects of your vehicle’s operation. It is important to read your The instrument panel cluster includes Owner Manual and become familiar these key features. INSTRUMENT PANEL FEATURES Driver Information Center (DIC) Press and hold the ENTER button to re- set the information while it is displayed. Your vehicle’s audio system also has an Vehicle Feature Personalization integrated Driver Information Center A variety of your vehicle’s features can (DIC) that provides vehicle information be personalized to your preference. CONVENIENCE FEATURES such as door ajar or low fuel, as well as RES + warnings if a problem is sensed in a (Resume): Press vehicle system.

This button to resume a set To acknowledge a message and clear it speed, or to from the display, press any of the DIC increase the buttons. CONVENIENCE FEATURES Preventing Window Fogging Maximum Air Conditioning To cool the vehicle quickly on hot days, (Defog): Use this mode to clear the open the windows just long enough to windows of moisture and to warm pas- let the hot inside air escape; then, for sengers. CONVENIENCE FEATURES Exterior Lamps exterior lights. The DIC will display an Automatic Lights Off message.

To acti- vate ALC, turn the switch again. ALC is always turned on when the vehicle is started. See Section 3 of your Owner Manual. Speed-Sensitive Wipers Automatic Lamp Control Your vehicle is equipped with an. CONVENIENCE FEATURES Electronic Range Select Mode/ Driver Shift Control Press the + (plus) side of the button to upshift. As vehicle speed increases, you will need to manually upshift.

If current vehicle speed is too high or too low for the requested gear, the shift will not occur. SEATING AND CARGO VERSATILITY Fold-Flat Front Passenger Seat (if equipped) 2. Position your hand over the top of one or both of the handles and pull toward you. The left handle opens the larger seatback; the right handle The front passenger seat can be folded opens the smaller side. MAXX FEATURES Unlatching the Liftgate Note: For vehicles equipped with the rear seat DVD system, locate the molded-in rib located on the plastic carpet retainer at the bottom of the left rear door opening.

Keep- ing the seat rearward of this rib will ensure that the DVD screen can be fully opened without interfering with the seat. MAXX FEATURES Rear Wiper 1. Insert the front corners into the selected shelf guides and slide the shelf forward. Press down on the back of the shelf to lock it down. For added convenience, four grocery bag hooks are included on the rear edge of the shelf. (1-800-243-8872). Vehicle mileage TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438.

2006 Chevy Malibu Owners Manual

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) As the proud owner of a new Chevrolet. Vehicle license plate number vehicle, you are automatically enrolled in Chevrolet reserves the right to limit services the Chevrolet Roadside Assistance program.