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The battery charger supplied for the Shoprider® Sprinter XL3 Deluxe, Sprinter XL4 Deluxe, and Sprinter Jumbo XL scooters are 24 volt 8 amp transformer type off-board chargers. The battery charger supplied for the Shoprider® Sprinter XL4 scooter is a 24 volt 3 amp transformer type off-board charger.

INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of the Shoprider® scooter. Your Shoprider® scooter incorporates the latest innovative designs patented and only available on a Shoprider® scooter. Your scooter may be used in both indoors and outdoors. Direct drive transaxles and electromagnetic brakes give a safe and efficient ride.

This Shoprider® scooter is designed for persons with limited mobility. Please ensure that you read this manual carefully, it is important for your safety that you understand the guidelines and instructions given. FEATURE GUIDE (FIG. 1-4) Sprinter XL4 (Figure 1) 1 1. Sprinter XL4 Deluxe (Figure 3) Delta tiller control head Head lights and indicators Rear lights and indicators Adjustable width armrests Swivel and sliding seat Seat height adjustment Reclining captain’s seat Foot rest Tiller steering column and steering wheel angle adjustment 10. Detachable basket 11.

Emergency hand brake 12. Front suspension Tiller control head Head light Rear lights Turn signal indicators Adjustable width armrests Swivel and sliding seat Seat height adjustment Black leatherette pillow-top reclining captain seat 9. Foot rest 10. Tiller steering column and steering wheel angle. SAFETY ADVICE. Do not carry passengers.

Shoprider Sprinter Xl4 Manual

Do not exceed inclines over 8 degrees (14% grade). Do not turn on steep inclines. Do not turn suddenly at high speeds. Do not get on or off the scooter unless the brake is on and the scooter is switched off. Do not switch off the scooter while the scooter is moving.

Shoprider Sprinter Repair Manual

Do not drive the scooter where you can not safely or legally walk. Do not drive scooter on roads, streets, or highways. Do not attempt to drive over curbs greater than 2 inches (5cm.) in height.

Shoprider Sprinter Jumbo Xl

Doing so could cause your scooter to turn over, causing injury or damage to the scooter. EMI Warning Shoprider® scooters may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is a kind of interfering electromagnetic energy (EM) emitted from sources such as radio stations, TV stations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, two-way radio, and cellular phones. The interference (from radio wave sources) can cause the scooter to release its brakes, move by itself, or move in unintended directions. It can also permanently damage the scooter’s control system.

The sources of radiated EMI can be broadly classified into three types: 1. Hand-held portable transceivers (transmitters-receivers). ADJUSTMENTS Tiller Angle Adjustment (Fig.

5) On the left hand side at the base of the tiller is a red lever. Push the lever to release the pin and select the desired tiller angle. Refit the pin into one of the five location holes to lock tiller in place. Tiller Angle Adjustment Lever DO NOT DRIVE SCOOTER IF TILLER IS NOT SECURED. Seat Slide & Swivel Adjustment (Fig. 2014 honda crf450r service manual download. 6) Pulling up on the seat black slide lever allows the seat position to be adjusted forward or backward.

Release the lever and the seat will lock in that position. Under the right side of the seat there is a spring loaded red lever. Armrest Angle Adjustment (Fig. 9) Flip up the armrests to allow access to the adjustment screw and lock nut, unscrew the lock nut and screw the bolt in or out to increase or decrease the angle. Re-tighten the lock-nut.

The armrests are set parallel to the floor at the factory. Locking Nut and Bolt Adjustment Screw Figure 9 Reclining Seat (Fig. 10) Sprinter XL4 Deluxe & Sprinter XL3 Deluxe The Sprinter XL4 Deluxe and Sprinter XL3 Deluxe come standard with a reclining seat. The reclining seat lever is located on the left side below the armrest. Simply pull the lever up to adjust. This feature also. SCOOTER TILLER CONTROLS (FIG.

11A, 11B & 11C) Speed Controls The speed control dial allows you to set a speed Speed Control between 1 (minimum) and 10 (maximum). The Sprinter XL3 Deluxe, XL4 Deluxe, and Jumbo XL are also equipped with a speed high/low switch. Battery Level Battery Level Indicator/Gauge The number of LED bars lit/where the needle rests, shows the amount of charge left in your batteries. The amount of charge will only show at its true level when the scooter is in drive. CAUTION – Do not allow the LED bars/gauge needle go out/down completely as complete discharge of the batteries.

FREE WHEEL OPERATION (FIG. 12A & 12B) The free wheel lever allows you to put the scooter in neutral and push it. The free wheel release lever is located toward the inside of the rear wheel (Fig.

To push the scooter (neutral), push the free wheel lever down. To put the scooter in gear (drive), lift the lever up. The scooter will not operate when the lever is down (neutral). For safety, always put the scooter into gear (lever up) after pushing or rolling scooter. Failure to do so may result in injury.

Shoprider sprinter xl4 deluxe

Anti-tip Wheels The anti-tip wheels are located at the rear of the scooter. Starting Scooter Movement. Ensure that you are seated in a comfortable position. Turn the key to the ON position.

Your speed setting should be on 1 or 2. If equipped, set the speed high/low switch to low. Pull/press your right hand finger/thumb lever, the scooter will move forward slowly. The further you pull/press the faster the scooter goes but will only reach the speed level that has been selected. Release the lever and the scooter will slowly come to a stop as the magnetic brake is automatically applied. Steering Steering the scooter is light and easy. Ensure when starting off you.

BATTERIES AND BATTERY CHARGER All Shoprider® Heavy Duty scooters require two maintenance free, sealed lead acid batteries or gel batteries. Battery performance can be affected by temperature, terrain, condition of battery, the weight of the user, etc. The battery level indicator/gauge is only a guide and is most effective when the scooter is in drive, only then is the true battery discharge level displayed. When the scooter stops the battery level indicator may indicate full (no load on batteries). An active user can use up to 30% of battery capacity or more per day. Inactive users may only. All Shoprider catalogues and technical brochures.

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