Kenmore 665 Service Manual

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Age: 6-10 years Hi, my dishwasher fills with water, senses and heats as needed but then halts actually pumping water even though the front panel displays it being in the wash cycle. After the appropriate time for the wash cycle elapses, it pumps the wash water out and completes the rinse cycle including refilling the tub bottom with water, pumping that water thru the machine and completing the rest of the process without error.

Kenmore 665 Service Manual

I have tried the various diagnostic/reset manipulations of the control panel membrane switches and none have any effect. Manipulating the water level float has no effect other thgan occaasionally inducing a short fill of additional water. The various instructions for invoking diagnostics or reset found on this site and others, do not match the switch function labeling on the control panel (image below) of my machine either.

Kenmore Elite 665 Service Manual

There have been several other posts for this 665.1597nnnn series machine (the last 4 numerals are the different cabinet/doorface colors of the series) including a couple with links to a Whirlpool manual that does not match the control panel design of this machine. Web addresses to a correct OEM (Whirlpool) or Sears repair manual and/or the proper button press sequence for diagnostic/reset would be most appreciated. Thanks for your help! Last edited by roejohnson1; October 20th, 2011 at 08:36 AM.

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ManualKenmore 665 Service Manual

Kenmore Dishwasher Model 665 Service Manual - In this site is not the thesame as a answer calendar you purchase in a baby book stock or download off the. Kenmore mICROWAVE MANUAL Model 60 - Microwave. Try the link below and search on model for service manual or try other free manual.

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. Check the wash and rinse water temperature The dishwasher should use water at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit for both its wash and rinse cycles. To check the water temperature, place a candy thermometer in an upturned glass during a rinse cycle. Look for blockage in the air gap The air gap, which prevents water from the sink drain from leaking into the dishwasher, can trap chunks of food and prevent proper drainage of dish water. Check for clogs in the water system Check both the pump suction screen and the spray arms for emulsified hard water, bits of food or glass shards that can contribute to water blockage. Switch detergents Acidic or hard detergents can damage the dishwasher and dishes.

See if switching to a different detergent alleviates the problem. Load dishes properly Loading dishes improperly can contribute to poor washing. Check the owner's manual for instructions on how to properly load the dishwasher.