Cummins K2016 Manual

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. Service Manual Controller  PowerCommand 3201 English − Original Instructions −2010 (Issue ). Table of Contents SECTION TITLE PAGE 1. Introduction.ABOUT THIS MANUAL. SECTION TITLE PAGE CONTROL BOX WIRING.3-31 RUN RELAYS (K11, K12, K13).

Lead-acid batteries emit a highly the genset are solely responsible for operating the gen- explosive hydrogen gas that can be ignited by arc- set safely. Contact your authorized Cummins Power ing, sparking, smoking, etc. Generation distributor for more information.

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ELECTRICAL SHOCK CAN CAUSE  Keep multi-class ABC fire extinguishers handy. SEVERE PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH Class A fires involve ordinary combustible materials such as wood and cloth; Class B fires, combustible  Remove electric power before removing protective and flammable liquid fuels and gaseous fuels; Class shields or touching electrical equipment.

Introduction ABOUT THIS MANUAL TEST EQUIPMENT This manual provides PowerCommand  Control To perform the test procedures in this manual, the 3201 (PCC) calibration and adjustment proce- following test equipment must be available dures, control operation, alternator test and repair True RMS meter for accurate measurement of . THIS PAGE LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK. Control Operation GENERAL present, it will wait for a pulse from a remote Master First Start Sensor. On receiving that pulse, the con- The following describes the function and operation trol will signal the paralleling breaker to close. Of the PowerCommand . Screen Saver Mode: Power to the graphical dis- If these conditions are not met, Sleep mode is dis- play will be removed after 10 minutes (generator set abled in Auto mode. Not running or running).

The 10 minute timer resets and begins after each control panel action (any but- The graphical display can enter Screen Saver mode ton or switch selection) or signal received by the op. OPERATOR PANEL SWITCH PANEL REMOTE START, NOT IN AUTO, SHUTDOWN, WARNING STATUS INDICATORS ANALOG AC PANEL LAMP/ FAULT EMERGENCY METERING LAMP TEST ACKNOWLEDGE STOP PUSH PANEL BUTTON BUTTON BUTTON DISPLAY MENU EXERCISE MANUAL RUN/ BUTTON & STOP BUTTON SELECTION BUTTONS (1 of 6) INDICATOR &.

CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY Scales for each function are in% of nominal values. Resolution is 1% for values close to nominal, and in- The control panel assembly (Figure 2-1) consist of creases at values further from nominal. Two panels, the Operator Panel and the Switch Pan- Graphical Display: The graphical display is capa- ble of displaying up to 9-lines of data with approxi- Dependent on site requirements, the Operator Pan. Switch Panel Fault Acknowledge: Press this button to acknowl- edge warning and shutdown messages after the The switch panel contains the following compo- fault has been corrected. Nents: To acknowledge a Warning message, the 0/Manu- Emergency Stop Button: Push the button in for al/Auto switch can be in any position.

READING FAULT CODES A three digit fault code is indicated by three sets of blinks separated by a two second pause. The first If the genset contains the optional graphical display set corresponds to the hundreds position, the sec- and a fault occurs, the fault code/message will be ond to the tens position and the third to the ones dig- displayed in the display Description Line (Figure it. MENU DISPLAY AND SWITCHES Menu Buttons: Six momentary buttons—three on each side of the graphical display window—are Figure 2-2 shows the graphical display and the used to navigate through the system control menus menu selection buttons. And to adjust generator set parameters.

The button is active when the message or symbol adjacent to Graphical Display: The graphical display is capa- the switch is highlighted (displayed in inverse vid. LANGUAGE/UNITS SELECTION MENU Temp: Used to select F or C for temperature read- ings. During any control panel operation, you can select one of three languages and change how units are Pressure Fluid: Used to select PSI, KPA, BAR or displayed by pressing the two lower menu buttons IN for pressure readings. MAIN MENU Button (Paralleling Applications Only) Figure 2-4 shows the main menus (Menu A and When displayed, indicates that the feature for gen- Menu B) of the system control.

Cummins K2016 Manual

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The two main menus erator set paralleling applications is installed. This are used to divide the system submenus into major button is used to open and close the generator set categories, such as, Engine Data, Alternator Data. MENU A MENU MENU BUTTONS BUTTONS PAGE MENU 2-11 ENGINE MORE ALTERNATOR POWER TRAN or Page PAGE 2-12 CONTROL HISTORY/ABOUT PAGE PAGE 2-13 2-14 MENU B Section ADJUST PARALLEL DATA PAGE 2-16 SETUP BACK button in Menu A and then the SETUP button in Menu B. Figure 3-3 shows the main menus (Menu A and To view system data or to adjust system parame- Menu B) of the system control and the two Setup ters, press the appropriate Setup menu button to menus. GOVERNING/VOLT REG SUBMENU If you press the “GOVERNING/VOLT REG” button GOV GAIN: If the gain adjustment is set too high, engine speed will “hunt” or oscillate. If gain is set too in the Setup menu, the Governing/Volt Regulator low, the engine will respond too slowly to changes in submenu will appear (Figure 3-4). GOVERNING/VOLT REG GOV GAIN AVR GAIN 100% −  FIGURE 3-4.

Cummins K2016 Manual

GOVERNING/VOLT REG SUBMENU. CUSTOMER FAULTS SUBMENUS If you press the “CUSTOMER FAULTS” button in lower percentage of kW load by operating load the Setup menu, the Customer Faults submenus shed relay contacts. Will appear (Figure 3-5). Warning: Display message, genset continues to operate.

There are a total of four customer fault inputs. CUSTOMER FAULTS CUSTOMER FAULT1: ENABLE ACTIVE CLOSED − RESPONSE WARNING .CUSTOMER FAULT1. CUSTOMER FAULT2: − RESPONSE WARNING .CUSTOMER FAULT2. CONTINUES THROUGH TWO ADDITIONAL MENUS FOR A TOTAL OF FOUR POSSIBLE CUSTOMER FAULT MESSAGES FIGURE 3-5. CUSTOMER FAULTS SUBMENUS. CALIBRATION SUBMENUS If you press the “CALIBRATION” button in the Setup the menu software to adjust the display so that it menu, the Calibration submenus will appear (Fig- matches the reading taken on an accurate, recently ure 3-6). Calibrated meter.

Calibration is normally only required when replac- Use the + and −. CALIBRATION VOLTAGE CALIBRATION L1 480-X.X% L2 480-X.X% − L3 480-X.X%  CURRENT CALIBRATION L1 234-X.X% L2 123-X.X% − L3 562-X.X%  BUS VOLTAGE CALIBRATION L1 480 -X.X% L2 480 -X.X% − L3 480 -X.X%  FIGURE 3-6. CALIBRATION SUBMENUS. ISOLATED BUS / UTILITY Submenus and frequency in a range of minus 40% to plus 10% of normal bus conditions. When the paralleling (Paralleling Application) breaker has closed, the control will bring the gener- The Isolated BUS submenus (Figure 3-7) and the ator set back to normal voltage and frequency.

ISOLATED BUS SUBMENUS If you press the “ISOLATED BUS” button in the Set- suitable for PowerCommand generator sets is 3 up menu, the Isolated BUS submenus will appear seconds. (Figure 3-7). Lower reverse power set points can result in nui- sance reverse power shutdown faults. ISOLATED BUS ISOLATED BUS: SYNC TIME LIMIT 120 REV PWR LMT − REV PWR TIME PERM WIN-PH  PERM WIN-TIME CONTINUED TO NEXT PAGE FIGURE 3-7. ISO BUS SUBMENUS 3-12. Adjusting the control for a smaller sync-check win- KVAR BALANCE: This function adjusts the kVAR dow or longer time delay will cause synchronizing load sharing function of the generator set. Before time to be extended.

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Adjusting this value, all generator set calibrations should be performed. ISOLATED BUS (CONT.) ISOLATED BUS: SYNC GAIN KW BALANCE − KVAR BALANCE KW GAIN  KVAR GAIN CONTINUED TO NEXT PAGE FIGURE 3-7. ISO BUS SUBMENUS (CONT.) 3-14. 1ST FAIL TIME: Time delay in seconds after a sig- present level on the set to this level before opening nal from the first start master is not sensed by the the set circuit breaker. Value shown is in% of genset PCC that a FIRST START FAIL warning is dis- standby rating. ISOLATED BUS (CONT.) ISOLATED BUS: 1ST FAIL TIME RAMP UNLD − RAMP UNLD LEVEL 10 RAMP LOAD TIME  LOSS FIELD FIGURE 3-7. ISO BUS SUBMENUS (CONT.) 3-16.

UTILITY SUBMENUS If you press the “UTILITY” button in the Setup RAMP LOAD TIME: This is the ramp time from menu, the Utility submenus will appear (Figure 3-8). Present set load to level determined by the load set analog input. This is active when the control first en- ters the load govern mode.

UTILITY UTILITY: BASE LOAD PF LEVEL 1.00 − RAMP LOAD RAMP UNLD  MODE MULTIPLE UTILITY: KW GOVERN GAIN 1.00 KVAR GOVERN GAIN 1.00 −  FIGURE 3-8. UTILITY SUBMENUS 3-18. POWER TRANSFER CONTROL MAIN To adjust PTC system parameters, press the ap- propriate PTC main menu button and refer to the MENUS page number shown in Figure 3-9 for detailed infor- If you press the “POWER TRANSFER SETUP” but- mation related to the submenu selected. Ton in the Setup menu 2 in Figure 3-3, the two main menus of the optional Power Transfer Control (PTC) feature will appear (Figure 3-9).

UTILITY SENSORS SUBMENUS If you press the “UTILITY SENSORS” button in the U CT RATIO: Enter the CT Ratio of the Utility L2 CT. PTC Main Menu 1, the Utility Sensors submenus This is the Ratio to 1 Amp. Range: 1−18000 (1A). Will appear (Figure 3-10). OV PICKUP: This adjusts the over-voltage pickup CENTER (FREQ): Enter a frequency between 45 as a percentage of the over-voltage drop-out. Enter and 65 Hz (60 Hz). A number between 95 and 99% (95%).

PICK UP (FREQ): Enter a percentage between 5 and 20% of the nominal frequency (10%). GENSET SENSORS SUBMENUS If you press the “GENSET SENSORS” button in the G RAMP UNLOAD: Enter the ramp time for the PTC Main Menu 1, the Genset Sensors submenus genset ramp unload rate during a closed transtion will appear (Figure 3-11). Soft load retransfer. OV PICKUP: This adjusts the over-voltage pickup CENTER (FREQ): Enter a frequency between 45 as a percentage of the over-voltage drop-out. Enter and 65 Hz (60 Hz). A number between 95 and 99% (95%). PICK UP (FREQ): Enter a percentage between 5 and 20% of the nominal frequency (10%).

TIMERS SUBMENU If you press the “TIMERS” button in the PTC Main Enter a time from 0 to 600 seconds (0 seconds). Menu 1, the Timers submenu will appear (Figure TRANSFER: In a Normal to Emergency transfer 3-12). This function allows the genset to stabilize before The following field descriptions show the valid field the load is applied. TIMERS START DELAY60 STOP DELAY60 TRANSFER 10 − RETRANSFER900 PGM TRANSIT5  MAX PARALLEL30 FIGURE 3-12. TIMERS SUBMENU 3-25. TEST/EXERCISE SUBMENU If you press the “TEST/EXERCISE” button in the OT-PGM TRAN − Open transition load transfer.

PTC Main Menu 2, the Test/Exercise submenu will CT-MOMENT − Closed transition load transfer appear (Figure 3-13). With momentary (.