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Magento Security Best Practices All eCommerce sites are attractive targets to hackers because of the personal and payment information that is required to complete a sale. Even if the system does not directly process credit card transactions, a compromised site might reroute customers to a false page, or alter an order before it is transmitted to the payment processor. A compromised site can have long-term consequences for both customers and merchants. Customers might suffer financial loss and identify theft, while merchants can face damage to their reputations, loss of merchandise, higher processing fees, revoked privileges with financial institutions, and the threat of lawsuits. This guide outlines a multifaceted approach to improve the security of your Magento installation. 1995 2017 honda xr400 workshop manual. Although there is no single way to eliminate all security risks, there are many things that you can do to make your site a less attractive target. It is crucial for hosting providers, system integrators, and merchants to work together to establish and maintain a secure environment, implement methods for early detection, and determine a plan of action in the event of a breach.

To learn more, see in the Magento Security Center. Make sure to stop by our, and sign up for the to receive notification from our security team of any emerging issues and solutions. Work with reliable hosting providers and solution integrators. When evaluating their qualifications, ask about their approach to security. Verify that they have a secure software development life cycle in accord with industry standards such as The Open Web Application Security Project , and that they test their code for security issues. If you are starting a new site, consider launching the entire site over HTTPs.

Taking the lead on this issue, Google now uses HTTPs as a ranking factor. For an existing installation, plan to upgrade the entire site to run over to a securely encrypted, HTTPs channel. Although you will need to create redirects from HTTP to HTTPs, the effort will future-proof your site. We recommend that you plan to make this change sooner, rather than later.


Protecting the environment is the most critical aspect of ensuring the security of your store. Keep all software on the server up to date, and apply security patches as recommended. This applies not only to Magento, but to any other software that is installed on the server, including database software and other websites that use the same server. Any system is only as secure as the weakest link. Server Environment Make sure that the server operating system is secure. Work with your hosting provider to ensure that there is no unnecessary software running on the server. Use only secure communications protocol (SSH/SFTP/HTTPS) to manage files, and disable FTP.

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Magento includes.htaccess files to protect system files when using the Apache web server. If you use a different web server such as Nginx, make sure that all system files and directories are protected. For an sample Nginx configuration, see: on GitHub. For.htaccess protection to work correctly, your web server must read.htaccess through the AllowOverride All directive in its configuration. To verify, try the following request: If you get the contents of the local.xml file, you must change the web server settings. Use only the minimum required permissions for a given task.

As an example, do not use the root or administrator account to send mail from Magento. Use only limited privileges for database account.

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