Talon Surefire 145 Service Manual

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Hi guys, I just picked up a Talon Surefire 145, Model AM3046 s/hand. The guy said it had just a broken pull cord.easy fix.

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However once replaced and filled with fuel I noticed a fule leak. I traced it to the carb. Closer inspection I found the carb had been taken apart.worst of all it's missing the float spring and float hinge pin. He had a nail for the pin.lol. Anyhow I'm trying to find parts for this carb and a parts diagram to make sure nothing else is missing.

I can't find any info on 'a Wisdom 7E18 P18/P18B carb'. Can anyone help? Kev Membership information Re: Talon Surefire 145 03/06/12 04:55 PM 03/06/12 04:55 PM. I have a talon mower of a customers in at the moment, it has worn out valve guides and rings (no bull, the exhaust valve has 5mm of play when open side to side, and as soon as the engine warms up it dies as it expands just enough to lose compression.) and I told them to get a new one, if they dont want the talon back I will sell some the carby off it, this one had a broken starter too, I crafted up a way of mounting a briggs starter and solved the problem properly.

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. Trade Practices Act 1974 or by any legislation of a State or Territory of Australia. This product is warranted by Talon Tools Australia (ABN 12 099 520 939)(the “Company”) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of original purchase. Please read and understand this manual before using your new mower.

If Carburetor is flooded with fuel. Remove spark plug lead and remove assistance is required, please contact Talon Tools Australia or any Talon Tools plug.

Switch fuel tap off. Pull starter mower servicing dealer. SPECIFICATIONS/GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IDENTIFICATION SPECIFICATIONS WARNING AM3051SP Motor Talon Surefire 145 The safety of user and others involved. Personal injury may result if Four Stroke information is disregarded. Engine Speed 3000 r.p.m.

Fuel Tank Capacity 900ml. Inspect the area where the equipment is to be used and remove all stones, sticks. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Please refer to the following sections when preparing the mower for it’s first use.

Mow across the face of slope, never up and down. Exercise extreme caution when GRASS CATCHER changing direction on slopes. Do not mow excessively steep slopes. PREPARING THE ENGINE FUEL Please read and understand the engine instructions prior to operating the WARNING lawnmower.

CAUTION Petrol vapour is highly flammable and explosive. Handle with extreme care. Store in an approved container. Do not fill tank when engine is DO NOT START your four-stroke engine before making sure that it has running or is still hot.

RUNNING THE ENGINE STARTING Ensure that the engine has been prepared correctly and that the fuel tap is turned ON. ENGINE CONTROL We recommend that you check the oil level before every mowing session. This is mounted at the top left side of the handle (most models). It operates the choke, for starting, and allows you to set the governed speed of the engine while WARNING cutting or to stop the engine.

DRIVE CLUTCH LEVER WARRANTY INFORMATION HINTS FOR EASY STARTING 1. Pull the drive clutch lever upwards and hold it against the handle bar to propell Stand the mower on a paved drive or path where the blade is clear of the grass. If the mower forward. CUTTING HEIGHTS BLADES BLADES CUT HEIGHT CONTROL Check the blade mounting bolts at frequent intervals for proper tightness. Turn mower off before adjusting cutting height. The single point cut height control adjusts all four wheels simultaneously. To operate, steady the mower by grasping the Check the blade condition frequently, particularly if the mower has hit a foreign handle with one hand, pull the lever outwards from the mower with the other hand, object or is vibrating.


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MAINTENANCE SPARK PLUG/CLEANING Use only Talon replacement spark plug type AO9295-305001. For best results, CAUTION replace the spark plug every 100 hours of use.

Never tip mower sideways. To gain access to blades or cutting disc tilt 1.

Stop the engine and remove the spark plug wire. Backwards so spark plug is up. ENGINE AIR CLEANER MOWING TIPS. The best time to mow your lawn is the early afternoon. By this time the grass has CAUTION had a chance to dry out. Also the sensitive newly cut grass area isn’t exposed to the direct sun.