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QuickBooks 2015 software and a Windows XP, Windows Vista 64, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Windows 7 operating system. Refer to the QuickBooks software installation instructions for specific hardware requirements.

ISBN: Copyright year: 2016 Student Guides STUDENT GUIDES FOR QUICKBOOKS AND SAGE 50 End-of-chapter problems from accounting textbooks can be completed with QuickBooks and Sage 50. The Student Guides include software, problem template files with starting data, step-by-step directions with screen images, the problem's transactions, serial problems, practice sets, analysis questions, and required steps for turning in reports. QuickBooks and Sage software is upwards compatible. QuickBooks 2013 and 2014 can be used with version 2015.

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Sage 2013 can be used with version 2015. QUICKBOOKS. for use with College Accounting 14e by Price/Haddock/Farina.


for use with Fundamental Accounting Principles 21e by Wild/Shaw/Chiappetta. for use with Financial and Managerial Accounting 5e (Wild/Shaw/Chiapetta) and Financial Accounting Fundamentals 4e (Wild) SAGE 50 for use with FAP 21e for use with FinMan 5e and FAF 4e Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your. Copyright 2016 Any use is subject to the and.

The Intuit Education Program is dedicated to empowering educators and students to advance their skills and expertise in accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship. For more information, you can:. Visit. E-mail education@intuit.com The program offers complimentary,. and software to schools, educators, and students across the U.S. Unit 4 ap human geography guide answers.

License information. Students receive 12-month access to QuickBooks Online Plus. Educators receive a non-expiring license to QuickBooks Online for Accountants For your complimentary subscription and basic resources, go to. License information.

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Students receive 5-month access to either QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2017 or 2018. Schools receive non-expiring licenses of either QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2017 or 2018. School licenses are restricted to school computer labs and instructor computers. They are not to be installed on student computers. For a complimentary subscription and basic resources go to. Certification. Students can get certified for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop after passing an exam through.

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