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This generation of Honda HR-V has been produced from May, 1999 to October, 2001. We can provide information about 2 modifications of this generation. The car has been produced with front wheel drive (1 version) and all four wheel (4x4) drive (1 version).

This Honda is available with one petrol engine with displacement 1.6 litres and power of 105 HP. The car is available with both manual (1 version), as well as automatic (1 version) gearbox. Honda HR-V 3 durvis average fuel consumption in combined cycle is from 8.2 to 8.4 litres per 100km. The most economical Honda HR-V version is, consuming 8.2 litres of petrol per 100km.

Factory Repair Service Manual for 1999 Honda HR-V. Download & Repair your car right now. Free PDF Workshop Service manual for you. Download a Manual instant repair manual downloads. HONDA HRV HR-V 1999 2000 2001 REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL FACTORY SERVICE REPAIR WORKSHOP MANUAL.

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Honda Hrv 1999 Model

Honda HR-V 3 durvis CO2 emissions are from 195 to 201 grams per kilometer. Honda HR-V version with the lowest CO2 emissions is, which produces 195 grams of CO2 per one kilometer. The best acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h - 11.2 seconds has version, conversely the tardiest one is reaching this speed only in 13.2 seconds. This Honda is very cheap for its class - it can be purchased (in Latvia) for around 1300 £. According to, average Honda HR-V repair costs are 120 £ per year. Below you will find more detailed information about Honda HR-V prices and costs. In user reviews Honda HR-V received average grade 8.0 (from 10) it corresponds to average rate for cars of this age.

All authors of reviews would recommend Honda HR-V to the friend. Honda HR-V modifications. Modification Engine Power Fuel cons. Gearbox Drive type Mai 1999 — Oct 2001 1.6 Petrol 105 HP 8.2 l/100km Manual (5 gears) Front wheel drive (FWD) Mai 1999 — Oct 2001 1.6 Petrol 105 HP 8.4 l/100km Automatic All wheel drive (AWD, 4x4) Honda HR-V prices Honda HR-V crossover price in Latvia is from 600 £ to 2100 £. Comparing to analogical vehicles Honda HR-V price is more below average - Honda HR-V is approximately for 50 percents cheaper then average crossovers of this age. Despite of relatively low price Honda HR-V quality is above average (see below), so this Honda can be a good buy.

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Year Lowest price (£) Average price (£) Highest price (£) Availability 2001 1200 1600 2100 2000 950 1100 1400 1999 600 1100 1300.