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Lab 11 Microsoft Access Create Database Lab 11: Databases - Microsoft Access Create a database Your first step will be to create a Microsoft Access database named Lab11.accdb. The instructions are below (but feel free to experiment on your own to figure this out without looking at the instructions if you prefer to do that): 1. Open Microsoft Access (it's generally in the Microsoft Office group in your list of programs): 2. If you're using the lastest version (Access 2007), you will see the image shown below. Click on the New Blank Database icon: 3.

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Download and Read Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial And Lab Manual Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial And Lab Manual In what case do you like reading so much? Databases Microsoft Access Peeking into Computer Science Access Lab manual Lab Manual 1 Table of Contents Lab 1: Introduction to Microsoft Access.

Ms Access 2007 Lab Manual


To the right side of the screen, you'll see the image shown below. Notice the default File Name Database1.accdb. Notice that the file extension is.accdb.

Earlier versions of Access use the extension.mdb. Name your database Lab11.accdb and click on the Create button. A blank table will appear. To avoid complications that will arise if you work on this database later using an earlier version of Access, save it as an Access 2002-2003 Database as shown below: 5. Close the database, then open it again.

You'll see this message: 6. You'll need to enable this content to continue working. Click on Options.


You'll get the popup box shown below. Click on Enable this content, then OK: 4. Go to the Catalyst quiz and answer questions #1 & 2 Next, you will create a table in your database.